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VA Transportation Program

The VA Pacific Islands Health Care System Transportation program consists of  two separate programs.  It consists of three courtesy shuttles and five VTS shuttles giving Veteran multiple drop off and pick up Locations. Additional information and schedules are below:

  1. The three Courtesy Shuttles pick-up and drop off at predetermined areas:

TAMC E-Wing à TAMC Ocean side à Spark Matsunaga à TAMC Mountain side à CFA bus stop à Kalihi bus depot à Honolulu International Airport baggage claim (interisland baggage claim) à Honolulu Airport back to TAMC E-Wing

*The shuttle operates Monday thru Saturday (please see attached schedule).

  1. It’s also five VTS Shuttles wheelchair accessible for special mode transportation.

-Veterans at the CLC and have an appt at ACC or TAMC.

-Veterans wheelchair (W/C) bound and reside between Pearl City to the Manoa area.

-Veterans with appointments at ACC or TAMC and do reside between Pearl City to Manoa area and schedules permitting.

Special Mode (SM) accommodations are for Veterans which are W/C or Gurney Bound. 

-Veterans who are eligible for this service are those 30% service connected (SC) and above.

-If Veterans are below 30% service connected their means test (An annual measure of your household income and assets) need to be   

 updated yearly. 

-Veterans will be assessed by their Primary Care Physician (PCP) to meet the criteria for SM and will be documented in a BT consult. 

-BT Transportation Coordinators will work with the BT Physician Utilization Management Advisor (PUMA) to determine if  Veterans are eligible for SM accommodations. 

-If a Veteran is deemed eligible for SM accommodations, the Veteran will be scheduled through VTS with a  third-party  vendor or VTS if the service is available to assist. 

-Veterans that are 30% SC and have a VA approved medical appointment in the Community but do not qualify for SM are able to take public transportation (The Bus, HandiVan Taxi, Uber, Lyft, etc. ) and submit receipts to file for reimbursement.