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Recreation therapy practicum student program

The Recreation therapy service at VA Palo Alto trains and utilizes practicum students to further the student's learning and assist with delivery of services throughout the health care system.

The practicum student program is an opportunity for students to observe recreation/art or music therapists in their clinical practice treating Veterans, and gain supervised experience observing and conducting treatment interventions.

  • Practicum students shadow therapists through their normal routines; this may include conducting assessments, treatment planning, therapeutic intervention, clinical documentation, program design, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Through the practicum program students are exposed to a variety of settings, specialty programs and populations, and medical record documentation requirements. They are introduced to the recovery-oriented and evidence-based practices and modalities used by recreation and creative arts therapists for specific populations/programs at VA Palo Alto.
  • Practicum students are expected to be directly observing the therapist, not providing support services such as filing, cleaning, or organizing.

Practicum students are responsible for:

  • Meeting with the practicum coordinator and completing the RTS application and orientation
  • Completing VA Voluntary Service (VAVS) application and orientation
  • Communicating their practicum requirements of their university to the RTS practicum coordinator
  • Communicating effectively and in a timely manner. Communicate any concerns to the therapist, practicum coordinator, or RTS supervisor
  • Following guidance and direction given by their RTS supervisor
  • Being punctual and arriving at the correct location for shadowing
  • Adhering to the dress code for each individual program
  • Knowing and adhering to confidentiality laws and procedures
  • Officially tracking their hours through Voluntary Service

The individual university retains supervision of the students' academic process.