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Jasmine Hardy’s, Overcoming Every Obstacle, Phoenix VA Employee

Jasmine Hardy

Five years at the Phoenix VA, Jasmine Hardy shares her transformative journey from Indiana to Arizona. At the Phoenix VA, she is committed to her role as the Program Support Assistant, states Jasmine, “it's a personal mission to make a positive impact on others.”

Jasmine states, "I do my very best." Her approach is grounded in empathy, acknowledging that everyone is navigating their own challenges. Her philosophy revolves around showing up with compassion, a testament to her belief that understanding and kindness can make a significant difference in people's lives.

Working in the medical field, Jasmine has embraced the wisdom shared by leaders, who advise, "always bring your A game, but don't take life too seriously." This mantra is the balance she maintains between dedication to her work and a perspective on life. For Jasmine, she emphasizes the importance of finding joy every day, the sentiment she holds dear that "you only live once."

When asked about her choice of a career in the medical field, Jasmine's response is deeply rooted in her personal journey. Inspired by her late mother's commitment to the healthcare profession, she witnessed firsthand the selfless dedication. Motivated by a desire to be a helping hand for others, she chose a path aligned with compassion and care. She also mentioned roses also hold a special place in Jasmine's heart, symbolizing a deep connection with her late mother. "I am worthy of roses," she declares.

Jasmine finds support in her loyal dog named Coco, who has been by her side 13 years. In addition, she draws strength from the friendships in Arizona, family and leans on her faith. Looking forward, Jasmine is currently working towards her Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management. Jasmine is committed to making a positive impact in healthcare.