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Chaplain services and interfaith chapels

VA Pittsburgh's chaplains are trained specialists in spiritual and religious care, available to patients and their families throughout their hospital stays. Our interfaith chapels offer space for quiet reflection, as well as regularly scheduled services.

Requesting chaplain services

Chaplains are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including in urgent situations and emergencies. When you are admitted as a patient, you will be asked if you want to receive visits from a chaplain. You can meet as needed or on a regular schedule. If you do not elect visits at that time, you can request them at any time during your stay by calling the chaplain service.

Phone: 412-360-1826 or 412-360-1832

Our chaplains serve all faiths and denominations, as well as patients or families looking for non-denominational support. They will suit their care to your self-defined spiritual needs and beliefs. If you have religious needs that our chaplains cannot meet, they will locate clergy or religious leaders in the community for you.

Chaplains will never impose beliefs or practices on you, and it is their duty to protect you from others trying to impose beliefs or practices on you. At any time, you are free to stop chaplain visits you have previously requested.


Both the H.J. Heinz III campus and University Drive campus have interfaith chapels. The chapels are open to anyone at any time for quiet meditation and reflection. Religious or spiritual literature will be provided to you at your request.

At both campuses, regularly scheduled services are held in the chapels.  

Heinz chapel

Community Living Center
Building 51
Map of the Heinz campus
Hours: 24/7
Service broadcast channel: 75

University Drive chapel

Consolidation Building
Second floor
Map of University Drive campus
Hours: 24/7
Service broadcast channel: 81