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Interdisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Program

VA Pittsburgh's Interdisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Program (IPRP) is a multidisciplinary program coordinated by a team with the Veteran as an active participant. Our approaches focus on restoring function and improving symptom self-management and quality of life.

Who it's for

The IPRP works to instill lifelong self-management concepts. The program is best suited to those with functionally limiting chronic pain who require more global and intensive treatment to improve function. The main goal is to improve physical functioning with some, though less, emphasis on reducing pain severity.

Ask your doctor or health care provider if this program is right for you or call with questions.

Phone: 412-822-2111

How it works

The third step in a three-step pain care strategy

As a first step, patients with pain conditions often initially present to their primary care providers to manage common pain conditions. As a second step, primary care providers may refer patients for single disciplinary consultations at clinics for pain, behavioral health, physical medicine and rehabilitation, or polytrauma for single discipline intervention. Or the provider may directly refer the patient to the IPRP.

We use physical activity, education, and psychologically-based interventions. Patients participate in a PT guided exercise program, a pain management coping skills group, Tai Chi, and an education series.

The IPRP is an outpatient program limited to eight weeks. Participants will meet with their core team virtually or at the Heinz Campus once weekly for approximately three hours each visit.

An interdisciplinary core team

The IPRP is built around the core team. Central to the team is the person served, who will be directly involved in planning and goal setting, and who is invited to formal team discussions about their care plan. The team also consists of family or a support person if appropriate, a pain physician, a pain psychologist, a physical therapist or rehabilitation specialist, and other professionals as per the Veteran's needs.

Location and contact information

Community Living Center
Building 50
Map of the Heinz campus
Phone: 412-822-2115