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Radiation safety

Find information about working safely with radioactive materials or sources of ionizing radiation, along with required forms.

Authorization forms

Prior to conducting any research that involves radioactive materials, you'll need to complete (and receive approval of) these forms:

Guidelines and policies

Safety manuals

The VAPHS Radiation Safety Manual is currently being revised. For questions or more information about radiation safety, please contact our radiation safety officer

Safety programs


VAPHS' Research & Development Radiation Safety Policy is currently under revision. Please contact Mitch Belanger with any questions.

Documenting radioactive materials in the lab

For more information about monitoring the receipt, use, and disposal of radioactive materials in research labs,  review the following two documents

Required training

VA Central Office (VACO) requires that all laboratory research personnel working with ionizing radiation receive general training on an annual basis. Please email our radiation safety officer for the radiation safety training materials. 

The required training includes a review of the VAPHS Research Radiation Safety Policy, which you can access online or in your laboratory. Your PI or supervisor will train you in the specific procedures and protocols to be used in your laboratory.

Contact the radiation safety officer

Mitch Belanger
Radiation safety officer

Contact information

Phone: 412-360-3221
Mitch Belanger
VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
Mail Code: 132N-U
University Drive C
Pittsburgh, PA 15240

Office location

University Drive campus
Building 1
Room 10E148
Map of University Drive campus