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Veterans Justice Outreach Program

The mission of the Veterans Justice Programs is to identify justice-involved Veterans and contact them through outreach, in order to facilitate access to VA services at the earliest possible point. Veterans Justice Programs accomplish this by building and maintaining partnerships between VA and key elements of the criminal justice system.

Gary Helle MSW, LCSW

Veterans Justice Outreach Specialist

VA Poplar Bluff health care



VJO Initiative

The purpose of the VJO Initiative is to avoid unnecessary criminalization of mental illness and extended incarceration among Veterans by ensuring that eligible Veterans in contact with the criminal justice system have access to veterans Health Administration (VHA) mental health and substance abuse services.

VJO justice system partners


Provide information and education about Veteran’s health and mental challenges. Educate and inform the courts on available VA services. Participate as team member in Veterans treatment Courts.

Law Enforcement

Provide training to state, county, municipal and VA law enforcement agencies on Veterans’ issues, concerns, and challenges.


Develop partnerships with jails to identify Veterans who are incarcerated, and, provide linkages to services upon their release. Provide training on Veterans’ issues, concerns, and challenges.

Federal, State, and private Probation/Parole offices

Provide training on Veterans’ issues, concerns, and challenges. Link services to the needs of Veterans under court supervision. Partner to assist with treatment compliance.

What a VJO can do

  • Serve Veterans of all eras
  • Assess Veteran’s health care needs, identify appropriate VA and no-VA services
  • Refer and link Veteran to comprehensive health care services
  • With Veteran consent, communicate essentials (attendance, progress, treatment testing, discharge plan)
  • Function as a court team member

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