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Cancer Care - Multidisciplinary Team Approach

At the VA, we are committed to providing Veterans with the best available care for their cancer diagnosis, this often requires a team approach. We provide high-quality, multidisciplinary team care often all in one place. We discuss your care plan as a multidisciplinary team and work together to streamline your care.

Tumor Boards/Conferences

 Veteran’s cases are presented weekly to a room of experts who review test results and images together, discuss clinical information, and review the latest recommendations from research studies before recommending a care plan.

Multidisciplinary Clinics

We offer multidisciplinary clinics for gastrointestinal (GI), head & neck (ENT), and lung cancers. Veterans receive evaluation and care from various cancer experts and support services in ONE appointment. You may see specialists from medicine, surgery, medical oncology, palliative care, radiation oncology, nursing, nutrition, and more.  


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