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RN Residency Programs

Are you a new graduate registered nurse? VA Portland Health Care System is a great place to begin your career.

We have two nurse residency programs for new graduate nurses:

- Post-Baccalaureate RN Residency Program (PB-RNR)
- Transition-to-Practice (TTP)

Our nurse residency programs include didactic and precepted clinical experiences. These experiences are designed to provide the new graduate RN opportunities to effectively transition to competent professional nurses, with focus on developing effective decision-making skills, incorporating evidence into practice, supporting clinical leadership at point of care and promoting life-long learning and resilience in nursing practice. You will practice collaboratively in an inter-professional model and gain an integrated perspective of nursing leadership and the VA healthcare system.

Post-Baccalaureate RN Residency Program

Are you a new RN ready to take your knowledge and skills to the next level? As a nurse resident, your experience will cover multiple clinical settings at the VA Portland Health Care System. The year is like a fellowship – you will earn significant work experience, training and skill development opportunities that are not typically available to someone starting out in an entry-level nursing position.

Benefits of the Program:
• Valuable experience developing and growing your RN skills and knowledge alongside expert colleagues
• Annual stipend and benefits, no required night shift!
• Structured mentoring opportunities
• Enhance clinical and leadership skills in a variety of clinical settings
• Understand the continuum of care across the entire health care system
• Veteran-centered practice environment to Care for Those Who Have Served Us
Note: Nurse residents are considered trainees and there is no commitment for continued employment after the completion of the year-long program. After a successful residency, we do hope that you will find your calling to care for Veterans within the VA Portland Health Care System!

Applicant Requirements:
• Be a US citizen and a graduate of a BSN or MSN (entry level) program accredited by the CCNE or ACEN.
• Be a licensed RN by prior to the anticipated program start date.
• Be a licensed RN for less than one-year post graduation from your nursing program and have no RN position work experience.
• Commit to completing the one-year RN Residency Program.

Questions? Please email 

Spring Cohort Fall Cohort
Open Application Spring Cohort August 1 Fall Cohort February 1
Last Day to Submit Application* Spring Cohort October 1 Fall Cohort April 1
Qualified Candidate Interviews and Selection by Spring Cohort October 31 Fall Cohort April 30
Tentative Start Date Spring Cohort Mid-March Fall Cohort Mid-September

* Applications submitted after deadlines may be considered, based on available openings

Transition-to-Practice (TTP) Program

Transition to Practice is for any new graduate nurse with less than 1-year of practice experience who is hired into a position within VA Portland Health Care System. All RNs with less than 1-year of nursing experience who are hired into any care setting are automatically a part of the TTP program.

The TTP program is a 12-month program with monthly workshop days, debriefing, an evidence based practice curriculum and more! 

Benefits of the program:
• Structured mentoring and precepting experiences
• Networking with your colleagues
• Monthly workshop days
• Clinical debrief
• Evidence based practice curriculum, and more!

Applicant Requirements:
• Meet all required qualifications as per job posting (open positions found on USA Jobs) 
• Open to BSN or ADN nurses, graduates of a program accredited by the CCNE or ACEN
• Less than 1-year of practice experience to qualify for TTP

To apply for open RN positions, search on USA Jobs