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Digital notifications terms and conditions

We may offer to communicate with you through email and text message about your VA health care, benefits, and services. Read this page to understand our policies for digital communications.

Benefits and services that send digital notifications

Veterans Benefits Administration

  • Disability and compensation
  • Pension and fiduciary 
  • Education 
  • Debt management
  • Veteran Readiness and Employment
  • Life insurance
  • Appeals management

Veterans Health Administration

  • Community care
  • Clinical services
  • Patient care services
  • Operations
  • Support services

National Cemetery Administration

  • Grants
  • Memorial products
  • Eligibility and scheduling


Frequency and types of emails

How often we send you emails will vary depending on the program.

We may send you one or both of these types of emails:

  • Transactional emails. These emails help you complete a task (like applying for a benefit or scheduling an appointment). Or they may provide you with a product or service you’ve requested.
  • Non-transactional emails. These emails give you general information about benefits, programs, or services. 

Opting out of emails

You can opt out at any time to stop getting non-transactional emails. Each non-transactional email tells you how to opt out of future communication. If you opt out, we’ll remove your email from that email program in a timely manner. 

Text messages

Frequency and types of text messages

How often we send you text messages will vary depending on the program.

You may receive messages from toll-free, 10-digit long code (10-DLC), and 5- or 6-digit short code phone numbers. If you have trouble with a texting program, reply “help” to get assistance.

Opting out of text messages

You can opt out at any time to stop getting texts. You can either opt out of a specific texting program or all text messages from a short code. Short codes are 5- or 6-digit phone numbers that we use for some texting programs. 

Each text message will include instructions on how to opt out of future communications from that specific texting program.

If you want to opt out of all messages from a short code, you can text “stop all” to the number. When you opt out, you’ll receive a final confirmation text message. This message will include instructions for how to opt back in later if you want to.

Access and devices

To get emails and text messages from us, you must provide us with the following true, accurate, and complete information:

  • Email address (if you want to get emails)
  • Mobile phone number (if you want to get text messages)

If you change your email or mobile phone number, you must tell us right away to keep getting communications. You can update your information in either of these 2 ways:

We aren’t responsible for any communication or transmission of information through email or text that happens because of a change of contact information that isn’t reported.

We don’t endorse a specific operating system or web browser. To receive digital communications from us, you must have an internet or cellular access device, such as a smartphone, tablet, computer desktop, or laptop. The device must have an operating system (Windows®, MacOS®, iOS, or Android™) that can support emails and text messages.

Delivery and messaging rates

If your mobile phone isn’t close enough to a transmission site, or there’s not enough network capacity to receive a text, you may not receive our text messages.

Even within a coverage area, factors beyond the control of wireless carriers may interfere with message delivery. These factors can include issues with your equipment, terrain, how close you are to buildings, foliage, and weather. We aren’t responsible for delayed or undelivered messages by wireless service providers.

Email providers don’t guarantee the successful delivery of emails. Emails can have similar issues as text messages.

Message and data rates may apply. Your wireless service provider may charge you for any messages sent to you from us and to us from you. Content may not be available through all carriers. 

Participating service providers may include but aren’t limited to AT&T Wireless, Google Voice, Metro by T-Mobile, Sprint Corporation, T-Mobile, UScellular, Verizon Wireless, and Virgin Mobile. 

If you have any questions about your text or data plan, contact your wireless provider.

Privacy and security

Text messaging and email aren’t encrypted forms of communication. Encryption is a way of making data hard to read by people other than the intended recipient. We strongly encourage you to use password-protected mobile devices. We also encourage you to enable encryption, if available, to protect any information in emails or text messages on your mobile device.

If you have more questions about how we collect, store, use, and disclose your information, read our privacy policy.

Go to our privacy policy

What to do if you have questions

If you have questions about our digital notifications terms and conditions, contact us. 

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