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Clinical and Translational Research Program (CTRP)

The Clinical and Translational Research Program (CTRP) at the Providence VA Medical Center is comprised of project managers, research associates, and research assistants as part of a centrally managed research support team. The CTRP supports every aspect of clinical and translational research studies, including regulatory and coordination of support, data collection, sample collection, data entry, analysis and publication of results.

The CTRP participates in the VISN 1 New England Clinical Trials Network (CTN). By conducting clinical trials in the VA healthcare system, the CTN accomplishes its goals of providing veterans with access to emerging therapies and accelerating clinical knowledge. This allows us to offer the highest quality of care to our veterans.

Clinical Research Program Manager: 

Pamela Brewer, PhD, RN 

For more information about the Clinical Trials Network (CTN)

Meet Our Research Nurse and Coordinators

Our research coordinators here at Providence VA’s Clinical and Translational Research Program work hard to keep our trials running smoothly and provide veterans with the best experience possible.

Karen Evans, RN

Megan Page

Laurie Bryan 

Sarah Richer

Adrianna Ricci

Ben Skov 

Elena Desanti 

Tony Sanchez 

Katherine Hostetler 

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