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MOVE! weight management

MOVE!® is a weight management program helping Veterans lose weight, keep it off and improve their health.

The MOVE! program equips Veterans with personal accountability for healthy eating, physical activity, and weight loss.  With the help of our MOVE! care team, you can reduce health risks, prevent or reverse certain diseases, improve your quality of life, and even live longer!

MOVE! eligibility

You qualify for the MOVE! program if you:

VA Puget Sound Health Care System MOVE! program features

MOVE! program orientation class

  • A one-time class offered by telephone or VA Video Connect live video.  This class is your first step into the MOVE! program.  You will learn keys to weight management, review how to make a healthy plate, think about ways to move more and start making changes to your behaviors. You can choose what type of MOVE! support is best for you.

MOVE!  support groups

  • Weekly support group meetings cover nutrition, physical activity and behavior change.
  • Support group meetings are shown to be the best chance of success.  They are the most common way Veterans participate in MOVE!
  • Support group meetings are led by registered dietitians, clinical psychologists, nurses and social workers.  They provide structured discussions and help with personal accountability.

Individual MOVE! support

  • Weekly sessions cover nutrition, physical activity and behavior change.
  • Each session provides individualized coaching to accomplish lifestyle changes.


  • We help you succeed through required daily check-ins online or by phone.  We use technology-assisted care with in-home messaging technologies (such as a phone or computer) to provide health education messages and monthly clinician coaching.

How to enroll in MOVE!

To schedule a MOVE! program orientation:

Additional support options

MOVE! Coach mobile app

  • MOVE! Coach is a mobile app for Veterans who prefer to manage their weight on their own. Simply go to the app store on any iOS or Android device to download and open the app.  Learn more about this app

Weight loss medications and bariatric/metabolic surgery

Treatment options may be offered to Veterans who continue to struggle with weight-related issues.

  • Enrollment in the MOVE! program or a weight loss program in the community is required before other treatment options are considered.
  • Talk with your primary care provider to learn more about weight loss medication or surgery.

Additional resources

Learn more about our health and wellness programs for nutrition and physical activity

The Department of Veterans Affairs national MOVE! website