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DS Logon FAQs

You can sign in to and other Veterans Affairs or Department of Defense websites with a DS Logon account. Read below to learn more about this secure identity credential, the difference between a Premium account and a Basic account, and how you can get one.

What’s Premium DS Logon?

Premium DS Logon is a secure identity credential that Veterans and service members can use to sign in to several websites, like, My HealtheVet, and eBenefits, with one username and password. This is called single sign-on. And each time you sign in to a website that accepts this credential, you can access your information on other Veterans Affairs or Department of Defense websites too, without signing in again.

Premium DS Logon provides a higher level of security than a typical password-protected account. It helps us keep your personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI) safe.

What’s the difference at sign-in between Basic and Premium DS Logon?

If you have a Premium DS Logon account, you’ll be able to securely sign in to to access and manage your VA benefits and health care. If you have a Basic DS Logon account and you want to sign in to, you’ll need to either upgrade to a Premium account first or verify your identity using

Will my DS Logon account or password expire?

Your DS Logon account and username will never expire. But you’ll need to create a new password every 180 days. This helps keep your account secure. 

Create a new password on the DS Logon website

Can the spouse or dependent of a Veteran get a DS Logon?

Yes, the spouse or dependent (age 18 or older) of a Veteran or service member can get a DS Logon. They must be enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). To get a spouse or dependent added to DEERS, the Veteran will need to visit a personnel office (ID card office). They'll need to bring 2 original forms of ID to prove their identity.

Download the list of accepted forms of ID (PDF)

Find a personnel office near you by visiting the ID card office website

Can the delegate or surrogate for a Veteran get a DS Logon?

No, a Veteran’s delegate or surrogate can’t get a DS Logon to access a Veteran’s account.

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