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DS Logon FAQs

You can sign in to Defense Department (DOD) websites with a DS Logon account. Keep reading on this page to learn more about DS Logon

What’s Premium DS Logon?

Premium DS Logon is a secure account that Veterans and service members can use to sign in to DOD websites, like TRICARE and milConnect. At this time, you can also use your DS Logon account to sign in to and other VA websites. 

Note: Soon all VA websites will follow a new sign-in process with as the recommended account. We encourage you to create a account now. You can also choose to create an account.

Learn about creating an account for 

Can I get a DS Logon account?

You can get a DS Logon account to sign in to DOD websites if one of these describes you:  

  • You’re a Veteran or service member  
  • You’re the spouse or adult dependent of a Veteran or service member 
  • You’re the surrogate for a Veteran (you have legal authority to make medical decisions for a Veteran)

You can learn more about creating DS Logon accounts on the DS Logon website. 

Learn more on the DS Logon website

Will my DS Logon account or password expire?

Your DS Logon account will never expire. But you’ll need to create a new password every 180 days. This helps keep your account secure. 

Create a new password on the DS Logon website

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