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  • Article type: Question and answer

    Can I get a replacement GI Bill benefit Certificate of Eligibility?

    Yes. You can use our online form or call us to request a copy of your GI Bill benefit Certificate of Eligibility (COE). You’ll receive your replacement COE by mail. Request a GI Bill benefit CO...

  • Article type: Multiple FAQs

    GI Bill WAVE FAQs

    Certain VA education benefit programs require you to verify that you’re enrolled in school each month to get your GI Bill benefit payments. For some of those programs, you’ll need to use...

  • Article type: Multiple FAQs

    GI Bill and other VA education benefit payments FAQs

    Find out if you can get a GI Bill payment in advance, when you’ll get your first payment after you verify enrollment, and answers to other questions you may have about receiving your education ...

  • Article type: Multiple FAQs

    How VA education benefit payments affect your taxes

    Learn about the IRS tax rules (called exclusions) for your VA education benefit payments, and find out how your payments affect your tax credits.

  • Article type: Question and answer

    How do I change my name in my DEERS record?

    You'll need to call the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) support office. They'll tell you what documents to provide and what to do next.  Call the DMDC at 800-538-9552...

  • Article type: Question and answer

    How do I get college credits for my military service?

    As an active-duty service member, Veteran, or member of the Reserves, you’ll need to request your transcript from your branch of service and share it with schools. Each school then decides how ...

  • Article type: About

    If you're a Veteran, spouse, dependent, or caregiver and you get VA health care or direct benefit payments, you'll need to tell us if you have a legal name change so we c...

  • Article type: Question and answer

    What if my school closes temporarily because of a natural disaster?

    A hurricane or other natural disaster can affect your education payments. Find out in which situations we’ll continue or stop payments.  If your school closes temporarily: During a term, ...