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  • Article type: Question and answer

    Are service dogs allowed in VA facilities?

    Yes. We allow service dogs of all breeds in VA facilities. This includes VA health facilities, Vet Centers, regional offices, and other properties we own or lease. To enter and remain in a VA facility...

  • Article type: Question and answer

    Can I be buried in Arlington National Cemetery?

    We can’t determine eligibility for burial in Arlington National Cemetery because the United States Army maintains this cemetery. Please work with a funeral home director to contact Arlington Na...

  • Article type: Question and answer

    Can I get a replacement GI Bill benefit Certificate of Eligibility?

    Yes. You can use our online form or call us to request a copy of your GI Bill benefit Certificate of Eligibility (COE). You’ll receive your replacement COE by mail. Request a GI Bill benefit CO...

  • Article type: Question and answer

    Can I plan ahead for my burial in a VA national cemetery?

    Yes. You can plan ahead to make the process of applying for a burial in a VA national cemetery easier for your family members in the event of your death. To do this, you’ll need to apply for a ...

  • Article type: About

    Change your address on file with VA

    You can change your address in your profile for certain VA benefits and services. But some departments keep your address in their own separate records, so you’ll need to contact the...

  • Article type: Multiple FAQs

    Claim status tool FAQs

    Find out what kind of information you can get from our claim status tool. And learn how to use the tool to upload new evidence to support your pending claim.

  • Article type: Multiple FAQs

    Commissary and exchange privileges for Veterans

    Find out if you’re eligible for commissary and exchange privileges and what kind of ID you’ll need at checkout.

  • Article type: Multiple FAQs

    Connected apps FAQs

    Get answers to common questions about third-party connected websites and applications. These apps aren’t created by VA, but you can connect them to your profile and they’ll have access t...

  • Article type: Multiple FAQs

    DS Logon FAQs

    You can sign in to and other Veterans Affairs or Department of Defense websites with a DS Logon account. Read below to learn more about this secure identity credential, the difference between a...

  • Article type: About

    Deciding how much life insurance to get

    The amount of life insurance you need depends on your personal and financial situation. Our life insurance needs calculator can help you decide. Read below to find out how to get started.