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  • Article type: Multiple FAQs

    Direct deposit for your VA benefit payments

    Learn about getting your VA benefit payments through direct deposit. If you don’t already have a bank account, the Veterans Benefits Banking Program (VBBP) can connect you with a bank...

  • Article type: Multiple FAQs

    GI Bill and other VA education benefit payments FAQs

    Find out if you can get a GI Bill payment in advance, when you’ll get your first payment after you verify enrollment, and answers to other questions you may have about receiving your education ...

  • Article type: Multiple FAQs

    How VA education benefit payments affect your taxes

    Learn about the IRS tax rules (called exclusions) for your VA education benefit payments, and find out how your payments affect your tax credits.

  • Article type: Step-by-step

    How to change direct deposit information for VA benefits

    Follow our step-by-step instructions for changing your VA direct deposit information for VA disability compensation, pension, or education benefit payments. We'll show you how to sign i...

  • Article type: About

    How to find out if you should get a higher TSGLI payment

    If you think you should get a higher TSGLI (Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Traumatic Injury Protection) payment, you can contact the TSGLI office for your uniformed service...

  • Article type: Step-by-step

    How to set up direct deposit for VA travel pay reimbursement

    VA travel pay reimbursement through the Beneficiary Travel program pays Veterans back for mileage and other travel expenses to and from approved health care appointments. Find out how to set up d...

  • Article type: About

    Life insurance dividend payment options

    Some life insurance policies pay dividends. These are extra funds returned to policyholders each year. If your government life insurance policy number begins with any of these letters, your polic...

  • Article type: About

    Reimbursed VA travel expenses and mileage rate

    Read this page to learn what health care travel-related expenses we pay for and our current mileage reimbursement rate. If you're ready to file a claim for reimbursement, you can go to the&#...

  • Article type: Multiple FAQs

    Submitting a Financial Status Report (VA Form 5655)

    You'll need to submit a Financial Status Report (VA Form 5655) as part of your request for help with certain VA repayment or debt relief options. Read below to learn more about this rep...

  • Article type: About

    VA COVID-19 debt relief options for Veterans and dependents

    On April 1, 2020, we paused collection on all new VA benefit debt. We also offered a pause on collection for debts created before April 1, 2020, and are offering repayment plans. We've now extend...