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    Can I call VA to reset my or password?

    No. Our VA contact center representatives can’t reset your or password for you. This includes representatives at our My HealtheVet help desk.  You can get help with resetti...

  • Article type: Question and answer

    Can I verify my identity in person for my account?

    Yes, but you can only verify your identity in person if you can’t verify your identity online.  First, you’ll need to try verifying your identity online through If you ca...

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    Creating an account for

    Learn about creating a free or account to manage your VA benefits, services, and information online.  

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    DS Logon FAQs

    You can sign in to Defense Department (DOD) websites with a DS Logon account. Keep reading on this page to learn more about DS Logon. 

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    Get a Premium My HealtheVet account

    My HealtheVet makes it easy to communicate with your health care team, manage your appointments and health records, and refill prescriptions online. Read below to learn how to upgrade to a&#...

  • Article type: Question and answer

    How can I verify my identity on if I live outside the U.S.?

    If your address is outside the U.S., you can use to verify your identity. You’ll need to show your identity documents on a video call with an representative. Lea...

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    How does multifactor authentication differ from identity verification?

    Identity verification and multifactor authentication work together to protect your identity and personal information: Identity verification is a one-time process. You complete this process when you f...

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    How to get a Premium DS Logon account online

    Premium DS Logon is a secure identity credential that Veterans and service members can use to sign in to, My HealtheVet, and other websites with one username and password. R...

  • Article type: About

    How to use your or account to access My HealtheVet

    You can use your verified or account to access our My HealtheVet health tools. Keep reading on this page to learn how to access My HealtheVet.

  • Article type: Multiple FAQs

    Managing your profile

    Your profile has your contact, personal, and military information. Keep reading to find out how to keep your profile up to date.