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Learn what the PACT Act means for your VA benefits

What your claim status means

Your claim status tells you where your claim is in the review process. Keep reading to learn about the terms we use for each stage of the process.

Claim status What it means
Claim status Claim received  What it means We received your claim. We haven’t assigned the claim to a reviewer yet. 
Claim status Initial review  What it means We assigned your claim to a reviewer. The reviewer will determine if we need any more information from you.
Claim status Evidence gathering, review, and decision What it means We’re getting evidence from you, your health care providers, government agencies, and other sources. We’ll review the evidence and make a decision. 
Claim status Preparation for notification What it means We’ve made a decision on your claim. We’re getting your decision letter ready to mail to you.
Claim status Complete What it means We’ve sent you a decision letter by U.S. mail. This letter includes details about how we made the decision on your claim.

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