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Women Veteran care

VA Richmond health care supports the health, welfare, and dignity of female Veterans and their families by ensuring equal access to timely, sensitive, and quality care. A women Veteran care coordinator can help you get the services you need.

Connect with a care coordinator

To connect to a care coordinator, please call ension 2799.

  • Marlise Skinner is the Women Veterans Program Manager
  • Sonia Brown is the Women's Cervical Screen Coordinator
  • Genevieve Bennett is the Maternal Care Coordinator
  • Mary B. Clemens is the Mammogram Coordinator

Care we provide at VA Richmond

Our women's health program offers women Veterans comprehensive care, including: 

  • Primary care
  • Gynecology
  • Maternity care, childbirth education classes, and postpartum support
  • Ultrasounds and mammograms
  • Mental health care and counseling
  • Lifestyle wellness services
  • History and physical, including pelvic exam and breast exam
  • Menopause treatment including hormonal therapy if appropriate
  • Family planning and contraceptive care
  • Infertility evaluation and referrals
  • Maternity care referrals
  • Assessment for heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke risk
  • Tobacco use cessation counseling
  • Sexual trauma referrals
  • Flu and other vaccines
  • Social work referrals
  • Medication therapy education