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Dr. Khader recognized with two awards for research

Dr. Adam Khader receives award
Photo credited to the Society of Surgical Oncology

We are excited to announce that Dr. Adam Khader, MD, PhD, a dedicated surgical oncologist and researcher at the Richmond Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center, has received the first VISN6 Career Development Award.

This award recognizes his pioneering research proposal titled "Role of Coagulation Factor XIII in Colorectal Cancer Peritoneal Metastasis," aimed at advancing clinical and translational research to improve health outcomes for veterans suffering from colorectal cancer metastasis to the peritoneum.

Dr. Khader’s project benefits from a robust mentorship team, with Dr. Bhaumik Patel at the helm, guiding the research with his expertise in colorectal cancer stem cells. The mentorship extends to Dr. Umesh Desai, who was involved in the conception of this project, along with Dr. Adam Hawkridge, generated some of the critical proteomics data included in the successful grant. In addition, Dr. Desai contributes his experience in developing novel therapeutic agents, mentoring Dr. Khader through the translational aspects of the project. Dr. Jose Trevino, an expert on Patient-Derived Cancer Models, and Dr. Leopoldo Fernandez, the Director of the Peritoneal Surface Malignancy Program, both offer their specialized knowledge in surgical oncology. The collaborative efforts are strengthened by additional co-mentors and collaborators, including Drs. Ronald Gartenhaus, Paula Bos, Nitai Mukhopadhyay, and Mikhail Dozmorov demonstrate the project's interdisciplinary nature.

 Accompanying this accolade, Dr. Khader has also been honored with the Society of Surgical Oncology Young Investigator Award, which spotlights his ascending career path and the potential influence of his work on the field of surgical oncology.

 Dr. Khader’s achievements are built upon the collective effort and expertise of many, including former research assistant Sareh Bayatpour, current research assistant Savannah Gregg, former post-doc Dr. Rio Boothello, and Dr. Shoja Hajira, a post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Patel's lab, all of whom have been integral in the generation of critical data.

 Deep appreciation is extended to the Richmond Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Massey Cancer Center leadership, as well as the initial seed funds from the Janet and Tom Miller Surgical Innovation Award, the Richmond Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and the John Wayne Cancer Foundation Alumni Grant. Dr. Khader would also like to recognize Heidi Sankala, Scientific Writing Manager at Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center, for her pivotal role in editing the grant proposals.

Congratulations to Dr. Khader and his entire team on these remarkable achievements. 

*Dr. Adam Khader contributed to this story.

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