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Roseburg VA Construction Updates

Roseburg VA has many construction and expansion projects underway to enhance veterans' health care throughout our health care system. Each project is a tremendous opportunity to augment and improve the delivery of services to Veterans. We request your patience and cooperation as we collectively work towards transforming our facilities.

Roseburg VA Construction

Engineering is staffed with four Health Care Engineers, currently working on 44 projects that are in various stages of construction.  The total estimated cost is, $169M (this cost does not include the major construction project).

Roseburg VA campus major construction project highlights

  • Major project to replace Building 1

    • Pending CFM request to Congress for full funding in FY23
    • USACE, pending SATOC design award
    • Design/Construction award ETA, late 2025
    • Environmental Assessment Public Meetings June 28 and 29, 2023

Roseburg VA campus upgrades and enhancements

  • EDII – electrical deficiencies phase II

    • New generators arrive Jun 29, 2023

    • Demo “B” loop begins Jul 8, 2023

  • Campus HVAC

    • Commissioning of HVAC systems underway

  • Building 3 Remodel and Seismic Retrofit

    • AE design is 90% complete

  • Building 3 Temp Trailer Relocation for Swing Space

    • Pending contractor Bids

  • Renovate Old Morgue for Prosthetics

    • Awarded, pending deliveries of materials

  • Demo Building 54

    • Pending solicitation

  • Abate Asbestos and Lead Paint

    • The contractor has scraped and primed most buildings and has started painting

    • Replacement windows are on order

  • Replace MRI

    • Pending contracting to release solicitation

  • CLC Expansion, Bldg 81

    • Pending AE assignment, ETA FY23 Q3

  • Seismic Retrofit Buildings 11, 13, and 16

    • CFM has released project administration to Roseburg Engineering
  • Relocate Ultra-Sound

    • The contractor is installing ceiling tiles and lights

    • The flooring installation is next

  • Emergent Replacement of Fume Hood

    • The contractor is delivering submittals and ordering equipment

  • Correct Women's Privacy Deficiencies

    • Awarded, pending delivery of materials

  • Remodel Building 1, Room E317 for Audiology

    • Awarded, pending delivery of materials

  • Install Acoustical Ceiling Tiles in Building 88

    • NTP Jul 17, 2023

  • Install Pole Barn

    • NTP Jul 31, 2023

Construction Projects VA Clinic Leases

  • North Bend Expansion

    • Building interior MEP

  • GIP/SDAC Remodel

    • Project awarded, construction NTP Jul 10, 2023

  • EDC EHRM Upgrades

    • Construction obligation complete, pending GSA to schedule construction

Recently completed projects

  • Upgrade boiler plant

    • Seismically upgrade boiler plant and replace boilers
  • Campus fire alarm upgrade

    • Upgrade the entire campus fire alarm system
  • Upgrade campus fence

    • Installation and repair of 15,000 feet of the campus perimeter fence
  • Correct patient access walkways

    • ​​​Construct, widen, and repair patient walkways to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements
  • Remodel patient check-in

    • Provide COVID-19 distancing for patient check-in
  • Pharmacy clean room 

    • Work to connect to emergency power
  • Remodel phlebotomy

    • Expand and renovate blood draw
  • Update and expand the community living center 

    • Once this project is complete, we will have a total of 98 community living center beds on the Roseburg VA campus