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Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

The MST program serves Veterans who experienced sexual assault or harassment while in the military.

Specialized therapy services for male and female Veterans who experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment during their military service period.

  • The MST outpatient program is primarily group-based and gender-specific with a phases-of-treatment recovery approach.
  • MST staff contact every referral, and veterans typically start with an intake session followed by phase I treatment. However, the individual needs of the Veteran determine which treatment option is most appropriate.
  • Phase I treatment consists of cognitive behavioral therapy for insight building and awareness of how life is often impacted by interpersonal trauma history. Phase II consists of building coping skills, and Phase III consists of trauma processing.
  • MST program therapy is voluntary and confidential.
  • MST-related therapy is free of charge.

Our services are NOT…

  • To assist with Disability or Service Connection
  • Unstructured
  • Indefinite
  • Experimental
  • Crisis-Oriented


Referral Process:

Services are provided in Salisbury, Charlotte, Kernersville, and also through VA Video Connect (VVC) in your home.

If you are interested in treatment with the MST, speak with your BHIP mental health care team.

If you do not currently have a BHIP team, speak with your PCP for a mental health referral.

You can also access mental health care through walk-in clinics available at each location during regular business hours.

The Vet Centers in Charlotte and Greensboro also offer treatment. No formal referral is necessary. Simply call 1-.



Amy Smith, MST Coordinator