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Upholding Valor

The VA Salt Lake City Health Care System, with community partners KSL and American United Federal Credit Union, has launched a new podcast series called Upholding Valor. The series encourages Veterans of all ages and eras to seek out the resources and programs they have earned while spotlighting their spirit and courage.

Upholding Valor

Current episode

Nell Bright, World War II WASP pilot

They were pioneers during a time their country needed them most, yet they were also America’s best kept secret until recently. The Women Air Force Service Pilots of World War II paved the way for women in the military today. 100 year old WASP Veteran Nell Bright is the epitome of Upholding Valor.  Enjoy Nell Bright's compelling story about women in aviation in this edition of Upholding Valor.

Previous episodes

Double lung transplant

A Utah Veteran is cherishing time with his grandkids this holiday season thanks to a double lung transplant. VA Salt Lake City, in partnership with the University of Utah, saved this Navy Veteran’s life as time was running out. Learn about the  journey, his commitment, his fight in this edition of Upholding Valor.

Equine Therapy

Spiritual healing can be just as important as physical healing. In this week’s Upholding Valor, we look at VA’s Equine Therapy Program and how horses help heal our Veterans. Listen to the podcast on Equine Therapy.


We are not in the clear. Not by a long shot. In this week’s Upholding Valor two VA providers talk about the delta variant surge, their exhaustion and their fears. They are watching people die that don’t need to.  Listen to the podcast for the latest on COVID-19.

Afghanistan and 9/11

Two Veterans from two wars describe their emotions surrounding the 20th anniversary of 9/11 coinciding with the end of the 20-year war in Afghanistan. Their candor and vulnerability is both heartbreaking, yet inspiring as we present one of our more powerful episodes of Upholding Valor.

Fisher House

Fisher House is a home away from home for Veterans’ families. They experience comfort in numbers and compassion in complete strangers bound together by extraordinary circumstances. In this week’s Upholding Valor – this is the Fisher House story.

Weight Management

The VA Salt Lake City Healthcare System goes beyond traditional healthcare to improve the lives of Veterans. In this episode of Upholding Valor, a Veteran talks about his weight loss transformation and his journey to peace of mind, body and soul

Volunteer Service

VA always needs good volunteers to better serve our Veterans. We need you!  Want to serve your country’s heroes?  Find out how in this episode of Upholding Valor.


PTSD is something roughly 20 percent of Veterans deal with after service or a long combat deployment. VA understands and has the experts to make a difference in Veterans lives. Don’t suffer in silence. PTSD is treatable. Listen to the PTSD podcast.

Pride month

VA takes great “Pride” in caring for everyone that served. The LGBTQ community is no exception. Our mission is to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment every day, not just during Pride Month. Please take a moment to listen to one transfeminine Veteran’s story. Her journey is one of courage and inspiration. Listen to the Pride Month podcast.

VA Nurses

VA nurses are the backbone of VA healthcare. They have been tried and tested over the last year, but their resilience and commitment to our Veterans is unparalleled. The VA Salt Lake City Health Care System salutes our VA nurses – through COVID-19 and a year of turmoil they stand strong. Listen to the podcast about VA nurses.

Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

There is life after experiencing sexual trauma in the military. VA can inspire Veterans to go from victim to survivor with resources and dedicated providers committed to healing Veterans reeling from MST. Don’t suffer in silence. No matter what stage of recovery you are in, there is support and hope for a better future. We believe in you. In this week’s Upholding Valor podcast we hear about one MST survivor’s long journey back. Listen to the podcast on Military Sexual Trauma.

COVID-19 Survivor Clare

A Navy Veteran and a VA physical therapist instrumental in his recovery, recounts the Veterans surviving his battle with COVID-19. Listen to the podcast with this COVID-19 survivor.

VA Video Connect

The Department of Veterans Affairs wants to make sure you stay connected during these challenging times. VA Video Connect allows you to talk to your provider from the comfort of your couch. It’s convenient and easy and all your fellow Veterans are doing it. Listen to the podcast about VA Video Connect.

Continuing conversation on the Call for Change

VA’s LGBT program is robust in its outreach and impact on Veterans. We are honored to give you a perspective you don’t often hear at a time in our history when many would argue we need a lot more listening. Listen to the podcast on the Call for Change.