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Whole Health Month in Chula Vista

Banner for Whole Health program

Come visit us on Wellness Wednesday to find out how to start YOUR Whole Health journey!


Wed. Apr 10, 2024, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm PT



This event is part of a month long celebration of Whole Health for Veterans who prefer to visit the Chula Vista VA Clinic. 

Stop by and learn about Whole Health, an approach to care that centers around what matters to YOU. Your San Diego health care team wants to get to know you as a person, and help you develop a personalized health plan based on your values, needs and goals. 

What is Whole Health?

Whole Health is VA’s approach to care that supports health and well-being for Veterans and employees. Whole Health 
centers around what matters to you, not what is the matter with you. Putting the person at the center of their health care is the essence of Whole Health. This process incorporates the whole person, including their gender, culture, language preferences, and other factors that make them a unique individual.

Whole Health is a VA Health Care Priority

“Support Veterans' Whole Health, their caregivers and survivors” is one of VA’s six health care priorities. Whole Health is 
everywhere in VA health care settings, from primary care and mental health to specialty services, to Whole Health 
coaching and well-being programs.

How can a Veteran get connected with Whole Health? Whole Health is a part of the system of care for Veterans and there are many ways to get involved. 

  1. Talk to your VA health care provider about Whole Health.
  2. Reach out to your local Whole Health staff using this locator tool.
  3. Visit Whole Health Home ( to learn more and get started.
  4. Download the Live Whole Health Mobile App - Whole Health (

    Watch the story of one Veteran who got connected with Whole Health