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Veterans Outreach Program

The VOP is an outreach and mental health program under SFVAHCS' Office of the Director, whose mission is to provide convenient, whole-Veteran concierge services to Veterans in academic and community-based settings. The VOP provides enrollment and education about VA Health Care, connection to VA services, advocacy, and direct mental health services. The VOP executes VA’s innovative capabilities in a community-based setting, increasing access to care and strengthening the community’s perception of the VA as a patient-centered, whole-Veteran health care system.

The VOP is composed of two main sub-programs:

I) Student Veteran Health Program (SVHP), Est. 2010

The SVHP has established SFVAHCS offices at City College of San Francisco, College of the Redwoods, Skyline College, Santa Rosa Junior College, and San Francisco State University, while also supporting additional schools within and beyond the SFVAHCS catchment area, including a partnership with the University of California Office of the President. The SVHP inspired the establishment of the Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (VITAL) initiative, the VA’s national effort to support student Veterans across the country.

II) Community Veteran Health Program (CVHP), Est. 2019

The CVHP serves Native American Veterans in Northern California, with an office on the Hoopa Valley Reservation, and Veterans in Napa County, with an office at Napa County Health and Human Services. Additionally, the CVHP staff are available to assist Reservists and National Guard members across the state in connecting to VA health care. The CVHP was established to serve Veterans in communities historically underserved by the SFVAHCS, to actively engage and enroll Veterans in SFVA health care, as well as provide mental health care.

Services provided to Veterans in these academic and/or community settings may include (but are not limited to):

  1. Enrollment in VA health care
  2. Assistance scheduling medical, mental health, and other specialty care appointments
  3. Individual/Couples psychotherapy and social work services (and in some locations, psychiatric medication management)
  4. Educational support around navigating the VA health care system and understanding VHA and VBA benefits, including the multiple VA health care systems in Northern California and beyond
  5. Referrals to on-campus/community-based resources, programs, and support services
  6. Facilitation of “Speaker Series” presentations/workshops on topics of interest
  7. Staff/partner trainings around assisting Veterans in academic/community settings                                                  
  8. Advocacy around Veterans’ educational, health care, and employment needs

VOP Sites include:

I) Colleges/Universities:

  • City College of San Francisco (on-campus office)
  • San Francisco State University (on-campus office)
  • Skyline College (on-campus office)
  • College of the Redwoods (on-campus office)
  • Santa Rosa Junior College (on-campus office)
  • Support provided to several additional schools, including (but not limited to) Napa Valley College, University of San Francisco, UC San Francisco, UC Hastings, and Humboldt State University

II) Community-Based Locations:

  • Northern California Native American Veteran Initiatives in Hoopa and Surrounding Areas (on-site office in Hoopa, CA)
  • Napa Valley College & Napa County Health and Human Services (on-site office)
  • CA State-Wide National Guard/Reserve Initiatives

If you would like to speak with someone in the Veterans Outreach Program, or reach a contact at one of these school/community-based locations, please email us at or call 415-750-2190, and we would be happy to direct/assist you. We look forward to hearing from you.