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Physical Therapy Residency Program

Residency Mission To educate thoughtful clinicians who can integrate and synthesize specialty practice, knowledge and skills to provide outstanding, evidence-based physical therapy services to veterans across the continuum of care.

The Cardiovascular and Pulmonary and Geriatric Physical Therapy Residency Program application deadline has been extended to Friday, April 5, 2024

Resident Opportunities

Program Goals and Objectives

Prepare residents to become board-certified clinical specialists by providing:​

  • Clinical rotations across the continuum of care, with a variety of diagnoses consistent with description of residency practice (DRP)​
  • Didactic instruction from multiple modalities including web-based learning with access to multiple platforms, access to ABPTS recommended textbooks, journal databases, and opportunities for consultation with board-certified specialists and clinicians with advanced knowledge/skills in a specialized area of practice.​
  • Structured mentorship with board-certified specialists across a variety of specialty fields and practice settings​
  • Opportunities for advancing teaching skills including professional presentations, lab assisting, and supervision of DPT students​

Raise the quality and standard of care of the VA Physical Therapy department by:​

  • Supporting staff growth in the area of clinical instruction and mentorship.​
  • Guiding residents to provide staff in-services on topics specific to the fields of specialty PT.​
  • Inspiring other staff therapists to participate in the advancement of the physical therapy profession.​

Retain newly trained clinical specialists within the VA system, whether in St. Louis or other parts of the country by:​

  • Demonstrating through best practice that VA is a highly desirable employer for Physical Therapists.
  • Recruiting and considering all successfully graduating residents for open full- time positions within the VA-STLHCS and/or nationwide within the Veterans Health Administration System.​

Maintain ABPTRFE accreditation for all PT residency programs by:​

  • Demonstrating compliance with residency quality standards through timely​
  • submission of program’s Annual Reports. ​
  • Continuously improving the residency programs through submission of Annual Reports to ABPTRFE and recording meeting minutes.​
  • Successfully renewing the programs’ accreditation through ABPTRFE.​

Sustain all VA-St. Louis Physical Therapy Residency Programs by:​

  • Attracting quality candidates.​
  • Maintaining appropriate level of clinical specialists and mentors on staff.​
  • Providing financial stability through Office of Academic Affairs.​
  • Demonstrating residents’ satisfaction assessed through post-graduation survey.​

Support the mission of the sponsoring organization by:​

  • The resident meeting productivity standards of the clinic

Resident Responsibilities

  • Embody the VA I-CARE values while representing the VA and uphold the VA Mission.​
  • Uphold the APTA Code of Ethics and Professional Code of Conduct.​
  • Be an involved adult learner by engaging in conversations around critical thinking; by completing assignments in a thorough and timely manner at the highest level of evidence; by remaining receptive to feedback; and by actively reflecting, acknowledging, and striving to improve areas that require attention.​
  • Be willing to ask for and receive assistance.​
  • Provide high quality, safe, effective veteran-centric care with each interaction.​
  • Complete all documents associated with patient care and the residency program in an accurate, ethically sound, and timely manner. Documents include but are not limited to tracking logs, assignment feedback forms, daily mentoring worksheets, time and attendance, treatment notes and encounters (see checklist)​
  • Follow all governing policies and procedures of the medical center, residency program, and other federal, state and local agencies.​
  • Maintain an unrestricted PT license in the state of Missouri.​
  • Maintain APTA membership and section membership specific to area of specialization.​
  • Maintain open lines of professional communication with veterans and those involved in their care.​
  • Arrive to work/program activities on time and ready to actively engage.



VA St. Louis Health Care System

Contact Number(s)

Mary Beth Currey 
Physical Therapy Residency Director

Hours of Operation

8:00am to 4:30pm