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Health Professions Education Onboarding

Health Professions Trainees (HPT) should prioritize and complete their VA Onboarding Process at least eight weeks in advance to ensure their ability to rotate at the VA. If you are a Resident or Fellow On-Call, you MUST complete the Onboarding Process as you could be called upon at any time to rotate.

To have a successful Onboarding, it is imperative that you pay particular attention to instructions and important details.  

Important Details - Trainee Onboarding Packet

  • Fingerprint and photo appointments for a USAccess Badge can be made at:   STL VHA PIV/Fingerprint Appointments

  • Processing a Trainee Onboarding can take a minimum of 8 weeks. 

  • Please enter your full legal name as shown on driver’s license or government issued identification as the documents specify. Do not use an alias.
  • Be sure you enter your Social Security Number correctly throughout the documents.
  • Use dropdown menus when able.
  • All fingerprints expire within 120 days.
  • We encourage courtesy fingerprints when able. If you are taking advantage of courtesy fingerprinting at another VA Office, they must use the codes for VA St. Louis.


* Upon completion of fingerprints, please notify  with
     the date and location fingerprinting was completed.

  • All signatures must be a secure electronic signature, or a wet signature.  It cannot be a facsimile signature from Microsoft. 
  • Be sure all signature lines are completed.
  • Use Program start and end dates, or Graduation end dates, not Rotation dates.
  • The Appointment Affidavit must be completed, or you cannot rotate at the VA.
  • The Appointment Affidavit does not require a Notary.
  • Your TMS certificate of completion and photo ID must be included in your Trainee Onboarding Packet.
  • Please use checklist to ensure all forms have been completed.
  • Nationwide PIV Card Office Locations - Office of Operations, Security, and Preparedness


Health Professions Education Service (HPES)

HPTs please email all of your documents and questions to your appropriate affiliate contact: 

  • Any affiliates including ministries and colleges (other than BJC HealthCare, Washington University or St. Louis University):
  • To send any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI) we recommend sending by Fax to

HPES Documents