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Find phone numbers and contact information at VA Syracuse Healthcare System for frequently requested services like patient advocates, medical records, billing and insurance, and more.

Patient help and resources

Need help? Contact a patient advocate

If you need help getting care or resolving an issue with VA, get help from one of our trained patient advocates.

Medical records office

Access your medical records online or request a copy of your records from our Release of Information office.

Billing and insurance

Pay your VA Syracuse health care bill online, by phone, mail, or in person. You can also raise issues or address billing disputes.


Find out how to refill your prescriptions, where to pick up new prescription orders, and how to safely dispose of your medicines.

Phone directory and mailing address

Find phone numbers for many of the administrative and program offices at VA Syracuse health care.

Mailing address

Syracuse VA Medical Center
800 Irving Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13210-2716

Main phone numbers

Local: 315-425-4400
Toll-free: 888-838-7890

To use TeleType for the Deaf (TTY) services: services: 711

A – F

Acquisition and Materiel Management: 315-425-4400, ext. 53517

Acupuncture: 2nd Floor - Specialty Clinics, 315-425-4400,  ext. 52179 or ext. 52180

Agent Cashier: 315-425-4400,  ext. 53391

Alzheimers: 8th Floor, 315-425-4671

Audiology: Ground Floor - AG17- 315-425-2437
Watertown 2 VA Clinic, 19472 US Route 11, Watertown NY 13601-5367- 315-425-4400,ext. 58158


COVID-19 Vaccines: 800-792-4334

Cancer Care: 1st Floor S-Wing, 315-425-2680

Canteen: 315-425-4400

Cardiology: Ground Floor GB, 315-425-2935

Caregiver Support: 315-425-4400, ext. 52302

Center for Development and Civic Engagement (CDCE) (Voluntary Service Office): 315-425-4681

Chaplain: 1st Floor, 315-425-6596

Chiropractic: 315-425-2684 or 315-425-2684

Community Living Center: 8th Floor- 315-425-4400 , ext. 52803

Compensation and Pension: 315-425-4400, ext. 52613

Contracting Services (Small Business Specialist): 716-862-6389


DAV/Volunteer Transportation Network: 315-425-4352

Dentistry: 910 Erie Blvd. East, 315-425-4400, ext. 52090

Diabetes: 2nd Floor Specialty Clinics, 315-425-2636

Dialysis: 1st Floor S-Wing, 315-425-6587


Eligibility: 315-425-4400

Eligibility Information: 888-823-9656

Environmental Health: Ground Floor CG18, 315-425-2613

Environmental Management (EMS): 315-425-4822

Ethics Office: 315-425-2018

Eye Care: 315-425-4400, ext. 56551 or ext. 53262


Facility Management (FMS): 315-425-4848

Fee Basis/Fee Service: 800-396-7929

Former Prisoner of War Advocate: First floor inside Veterans Service Center,  315-425-4400

G – M

General Surgery: 2nd Floor Specialty Clinics, 315-425-4400, ext. 52179 or ext. 52180


HIV AIDS: 9th Floor, 315-425-2600

Health Benefits Center: 1st floor, room C114 between Team Red and S-Wing, 315-425-4400, ext. 58003

Home Based Primary Care: 572 S. Salina Street, Syracuse, 315-425-4302

Home Health Aide: Building 16, 315-425-4400, ext. 52785

Human Resources: 315-425-4400, ext 59043


Intimate Partner Violence: 315-425-4400, ext. 54076


Lab and Pathology Services: 1st Floor, 315-425-4419

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Veterans: 315-425-4400, ext. 51004


MOVE! Weight Management Program: Ground Floor, 315-425-4400, ext. 52045 or 877-619-0106,  ext. option 1

Mammography: 2nd Floor - Specialty Clinics, 315-425-4652

Medical Center Contact: 315-425-4400 or 800-792-4334

Mental Health: 620 Erie BLVD West, Syracuse 13204, 315-425-3463

Mental Health Intensive Case Management Program: 620 Erie BLVD West, 315-425-3463

Military Sexual Trauma Counseling: 620 Erie Blvd West, 315-425-4400, ext. 51033

Minority Veterans Program Coordinator: 315-425-4400, ext. 52843

N – Z

Nutrition and Food Services: First Floor Team Blue and Red, Outpatient Services, 315-425-4374


Obstetrics and Gynecology: 9th Floor, C- Wing, 315-425-4652

Orthopedics: 2nd Floor,  315-425-4400, ext. 52179 or 52180

Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)): 2nd Floor Specialty Clinics, 315-425-4400, ext. 52179 or 52180


PTSD: Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic, 620 Erie BLVD West, Syracuse 13204, 315-425-3463 or 988, ext. Press 1

Pain Management: 910 Erie Blvd East, 2nd floor, 315-425-4400, ext. 52091 or 52180

Patient Education: 315-425-4320

Patient Representative: 315-425-4345

Patient Transfers: 315-425-4323

Patients Appointments: 315-425-4400 or 800-221-2883

Patients Billing: 866-505-7263

Pharmacy: 1st Floor, 315-425-4400, ext. 52026

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: 5th Floor 5B, 315-425-2684

Podiatry: 2nd Floor - Specialty Clinics,  315-425-4400,  ext. 52179 or 52180

Police: 315-425-4400, ext. 54336

Polytrauma Program: Ground Floor CG18, 315-425-4426

Primary Care: Blue team A wing; Red team C wing; Womens health clinic second floor, A wing, 315-425-6515

Prosthetics and Sensory Aids Service: 5th Floor, 315-425-4659

Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center: 572 South Salina Street, 315-425-4445

Public Affairs: 315-425-2422


Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging: 3rd Floor 3A, 315-425-4400, ext. 52234 or 52235

Release of Information: 315-425-4400, ext. 52441

Research: 315-425-4870


Social Work: 315-425-4400, ext. 56903

Spinal Cord Injury and Disorders: 4th floor, S-Wing, 315-425-2682

Spine (Orthopedics): 2nd Floor Specialty Clinics, 315-425-4400, ext. 52179 or 52180

Substance Abuse: Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic, 315-425-3463 or Syracuse VA Medical Center, 315-425-4400


TRICARE Coordinator: 315-425-4335

TelCare: 888-838-7890

Telehealth: Syracuse VA Medical Center, 2nd Floor, Medical Specialty Clinic, 315-425-4400, ext. 52387 or Community Care Center at 1031 East Fayette, 315-425-3824

Transition Care Management Veterans Point of Contact: Ground Floor CG18, 315-425-4426

Travel Information/Lounge: 315-425-4351


Urology: 2nd Floor - Specialty Clinics, 315-425-4400, ext. 52179 or 52180


VA Nurse Helpline: Network-wide, 800-877-6976

Valor Inn: 315-424-4400, ext. 54339

Vascular Surgery: 2nd Floor Specialty Clinics, 315-425-4400, ext. 52179 or 52180

Vet Center Program: 315-478-7127

Veterans Contact Call Center: 888-823-9656

Vision Rehabilitation Services: 2nd Floor - Specialty Clinics, 315-425-4400, ext. 54010 or 56551

Voluntary Service - Center for Development and Civic Engagement (CDCE): 315-425-4681


Whole Health For Life: 315-425-4400, ext. 53839

Media and press

The Office of Public Affairs can assist local media with queries, interview requests, and expert information about the VA Syracuse Healthcare System.

Phone: 315-425-2422

After hours or on weekends, call the operator at 800-792-4334 and ask for the administrator on duty.

Submit a FOIA request

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), you have a right to federal agency records unless those records are protected from disclosure by specific exemptions or exclusions laid out in law.

Requesting records maintained by VA Syracuse


Fax: 315-425-2401

Mail:  Syracuse VA Medical Center
Release of Information Office
800 Irving Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13210-2716

For questions about your request to VA Syracuse

Phone: 315-425-4400, ext. 52441

Additional FOIA request information

Report an issue

Give us website feedback

To report a technical issue or give us feedback about this site, email our web team at "Coming soon!".

Report suspected fraud or mismanagement

Contact the VA Office of the Inspector General (VAOIG) to report suspected criminal activity, fraud, inadequate patient care, or mismanagement of VA programs or government resources.

Phone: 800-488-8244

VA Inspector General Hotline (53e)
810 Vermont Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20420

Learn more about the VA OIG hotline.

Report patient care or safety issues

If you have any concerns about the care and safety of patients or residents, the first step is to contact hospital management. If management did not address or resolve your concerns, contact the Joint Commission.

Submit a complaint online:
Phone: 800-994-6610
Fax: 630-792-5636

Office of Quality Monitoring
The Joint Commission
One Renaissance Boulevard
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 6018