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Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program

The Inpatient Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program (CPRP) is an award winning, comprehensive treatment program established in 1988 to help local and national Veterans and Active-Duty service members with chronic pain cope with their condition. It is the only CARF-accredited (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) inpatient chronic pain rehabilitation program in the VA system. In 2009, services expanded to include establishment of an Outpatient Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program (OCPRP) to provide an additional option for local veterans.

Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program

We are a nationally recognized VA “Clinical Program of Excellence” for pain treatment, research, and education. In 2020, we developed and launched the Pain Empowerment Anywhere (PEAK) Program, which shares the same treatment approach and philosophy as the Chronic Pain Rehabilitation programs, but is a fully virtual, interdisciplinary, active pain rehabilitation program.

Our programs utilize an active rehabilitation, whole person, and team-based approach to treating chronic pain. We offer a combination of group and individual evidence-based treatments to empower all participants including movement-based therapies, behavioral strategies, various rehabilitation therapies, pain neuroscience education, medical consultation/management, and family involvement. Our focus is on personal rehabilitation goals to optimize motivation, engagement, and success.

CPRP and PEAK accept referrals for Veterans and Active-Duty servicemembers with chronic pain from all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Inpatient CPRP is a 19-day program, that admits four patients weekly. The Outpatient CPRP serves Veterans and is held two days per week for eight weeks, with two patients admitted weekly. PEAK is a cohort-based, 5-week program.

Regarding evaluation, a medical record review is completed on Veterans and Servicemembers referred from outside the Tampa catchment area. Once medically cleared, a VA Video Connect pain psychology evaluation is completed. All patients referred must have a recent urine drug screen. A similar process is conducted in person with local candidates for either the Inpatient or Outpatient Programs (OCPRP and PEAK). Admission dates are offered once cleared for the program, and travel arrangements are planned when necessary. If there are any questions or concerns, these are shared with the referring provider.

Referral Information

  • If you are a Veteran or an active-duty service member with chronic pain: visit the For Patients page.
  • If you are a healthcare provider and would like to refer an individual: visit the For Professionals page.
  • If you have questions please call 813-972-2000, ext. 7114.
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