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Community Living Center

Haley’s Cove Community Living Center (HCCLC) provides compassionate, person-centered care in a safe and home-like environment. Our mission is to provide Veterans the opportunity to achieve optimal function in order to maintain or improve the quality of their lives.

Our Program:

Haley’s Cove Community Living Center (HCCLC) focuses on providing a multidisciplinary approach to Veterans who are eligible for Short Term Rehabilitation Services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, kinesiotherapy, speech therapy, and recreational therapy, in addition to nursing care.  Our goal of care is to restore function, prevent decline, maximize independence, and provide comfort during end-of-life care. The goals of care are achieved in an environment where the Veteran is respected, treated with dignity, and invited to be an active participant in his/her care.  Special attention is given to make the Veteran feel at home.  We emphasize enhancing and supporting the Veteran’s quality of life. Additional services provided include Champlain Services, Social Work, Psychology, Dietary, Pharmacy, and Bereavement Counseling.


Haley’s Cove Community Living Center offers the following services:

  • Short-Term Rehabilitation
  • Long Term Care
  • Hospice/Palliative Care


Admission to HCCLC is based on specific guidelines for the area of admission including illness or injury, goals, and individual needs. Admission to the Short-Term Rehabilitation program is based on specific guidelines related to ability to function and potential for improvement and returning to a level of individual independence. Rehabilitation is provided through a multidisciplinary approach including physical therapy, occupational therapy, kinesiotherapy, speech therapy, and recreational therapy. Admission to our Hospice/Palliative Care program provides comfort care to you and your family if you have terminal condition, with less than 6 months to live, and are no longer seeking treatment other than palliative care.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning involves you, your family/caregiver, and Haley’s Cove CLC Multidisciplinary Team. It is a key part of your care. Discharge planning begins on the first day you come to Haley’s Cove CLC for Short Term Rehabilitation. Our goal is for you to be able to reach a maximum level of independence to return home.  Discharge planning includes: 

  • Setting therapy goals 
  • Determining what home equipment will be needed
  • Identifying Community Support 
  • Making sure your return home is a safe one
Hours of Operation and Contact Phone Number

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

CLC/Haley's Cove
813-972-2000, ext. 5401