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Tampa VA Masking Policy

Current Tampa VA masking policy for Veterans, visitors and staff

Effective immediately, masking for staff, Veterans and visitors is only required:

  1. In high-risk areas as listed below:
  • Dialysis   
  • Chemotherapy units   
  • Emergency Department   
  • Long-term care SCI and CLC (staff and visitors only)
  • Staff may remove masks in these high-risk areas only under the following circumstances: 
    • they are not in a patient’s room,
    • they are not within six feet of a Veteran in a congregate area (e.g., shared meals in CLC), or
    • they are not within six feet of a patient in an open treatment area/room.
  1. Additionally, masks will be required under the following circumstances:
  • for those with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection or other viral respiratory infection,
  • for VA staff during clinical encounters when requested by a Veteran, caregiver or family member