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Tampa VA Thrive Program

Thrive guides Veterans toward improved health, resiliency, and redefined passions. During this journey, we work together to help you identify and align values through healthy, positive actions that lead to purpose and finding fulfillment in life. Each session is two-hours and you have the option to join face-to-face or virtually.

Topics and goals for the 14-week Thrive program:

  1. Orientation: Understand the three tenets of Positive Psychology, Whole Health, and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
  2. Sleep and Restoration: Learn about the importance of sleep through education about common sleep disorders and holistic approaches for restful nights.
  3. Intuitive Eating: Explore mindful eating exercises and the benefits of nutrition, with details on diet culture and ways to foster and maintain healthy eating habits.
  4. Mental Health and Happiness: Discover new skills based on Positive Psychology with studies about happiness.
  5. Financial Health: Identify personal values associated with financial health and discover your financial personality type.
  6. Stress Reduction: Learn the signs and symptoms of acute and chronic stress and how to effectively manage and reduce stress in your life.
  7. Environmental Health: Reflect on your personal environment; assess and align individual surroundings to personal values and individual needs.
  8. Healthy Relationships: Explore current relationships, identify your support system, and understand the importance of self-care and self-compassion.
  9. Creativity and Flow: Discover options for creativity while exploring relationships incorporating creative activities.
  10. Sexual Health: Increase your understanding of sexual health and explore how your individual values support your whole health journey.
  11. Mindfulness and Intuition: Learn about mindfulness history, skills, and efficiency.
  12. Spiritual Health: Explore your spirituality and values.
  13. Work Life Purpose: Complete activities to identify individual life purpose and goals.
  14. Wrap Up: Reflect on the Thrive journey; plan new goals and objectives that inspire and motivate you to improve your whole health journey moving forward.  

Veterans and employees can self-refer for Thrive by calling  or speaking to their physician to get a Thrive consult. Thrive informational sessions are available the first and third Tuesday of every month.