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Toxic Exposure Screening

Tampa VA is committed to providing screening, health care and resources to Veterans with toxic exposure concerns associated with their military service.

While toxic exposure is defined by law, generally there are several types of possible exposures or hazards Veterans may have experienced during their military service.

All Veterans enrolled in VA health care can receive a toxic exposure screening at an upcoming appointment or sooner by contacting a Toxic Exposure Screening Navigator. All enrolled Veterans should receive the screening at least once every five years.

It’s a quick 5-10 minute screening to identify any potential exposures to toxins during your military service.  Depending on your response, you may be connected to support and resources, including a review by your primary care team. .

Potential exposures could include:

Veterans must first create a Burn Pit Registry account here:

If you’re not enrolled, check your eligibility and enroll in VA health care at:

Tips to Avoid PACT Act Scams 

Schedule Your Exam

Call to schedule your Registry Exam at Tampa VA:  Registry Exam Screening 813-972-2000, ext. 7545