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Soup for the Body, Comfort for the Soul

Soul satisfying soup is back— now available the first Thursday of each month at the Community Living Center’s Flamingo Way Café. (stock image)
Soul satisfying soup is back— now available the first Thursday of each month at the Community Living Center’s Flamingo Way Café. (stock image)

Remember the days when you came home from school, but it was cold, wet, and gusty outside?

Your scarf was too itchy, the wind blew right through your jeans, and your hat never quite covered your ears all the way. It was miserable after a long day of battling fractions and dreaming of summer break. But everything was okay, because as soon as you got home, you were greeted by a warm and comforting smell rising from the special pot on the stove. The one that your mom reserved specifically for days like these. And there it was— hot and savory soup that warmed you all the way to your soul. 

Those were the days, right? Life was simple, and all problems could be fixed with soup.

You’re in luck. If you’re near the Flamingo Way Café, you can relive that heart-warming experience! We’re happy to announce that Team Tampa’s Community Living Center Dining Hall is bringing back “Soup for the Soul”. Once again, the delightful aroma of soup can be a bright spot in your day.

“Soup for the Soul” is available on the first Thursday of each month at 11 a.m. It’s now featured on the Veterans’ monthly activity calendar, so be sure not to miss it.

Our dietitians and Nutrition Hostess launched the well-received initiative to serve hot soup before serving meal trays a decade ago. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, it was put on hiatus. Knowing how much our Veterans loved this small comfort, the CLC Nutritionist and leadership collaborated to relaunch the special offering.

If you were curious about the seemingly random Soup Poll you took a while back, this is the answer to that question. The Executive Chef for Nutrition and Food Services conducted the survey to determine which soups were fan favorites. Among the winners were: New England Clam Chowder, Split Pea, Chicken & Wild Rice, and Italian Wedding Soup to name a few. Are you unsure that some of these will agree with your diet? That’s the best part! The soups can easily be modified to accommodate the dietary needs of every resident that dines at the Flamingo Way Café. 

“Soup for the Soul” is one way that Team Tampa meets the set Cultural Transformation Goal. We go the extra step to create a homestyle environment for Veterans in long-term care. The event gives our hungry friends an opportunity to mix, mingle and chat about their mornings or planned activities. Plus, soup has an intriguing way of bringing people together. In the past, the choice of two or more soups often sparked debates about which type was the best and favorite recipes. It’s an opportunity for Veterans and our staff to share family traditions and create new bonds over special moments flavored with nostalgia and connection. Soup is a reminder to slow down, savor the moment, and nourish both body and soul. 

We’ll save a seat just for you on the first Thursday every month.


Op-Ed by Alicia Evans, Community Living Center Nutrition Ambassador