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MOVE! Weight Management Program

The MOVE Weight Management Program is a national VA program to help Veterans lose weight, keep it off, and improve their health.

Who can join?

MOVE! is a program that is available to VA enrolled Veterans with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 or greater, who feel they can benefit from MOVE! and are motivated to make lifestyle changes. A consult is not required but may be entered. Veterans may call to self-schedule.

MOVE! and Bariatric Point of Contact
Vivian Bossong

MOVE Program Options

The MOVE Program at the Tennessee Valley Health Care System offers a variety of services. Group or individual care utilizing various communication methods. This includes traditional in person visits, veteran video connect (VVC), telephone care (TELEMOVE!), secure messaging, as well as telehealth equipment. Weight loss medications and prescreening for bariatric surgery may be provided along with self-management support. These options require extensive screening and one must meet certain requirements.

Weight Loss Medications:

Weight loss medications work best when combined with diet and activity changes. There must be a willingness to use the medications as part of a weight loss plan. After attending the first three core MOVE! classes, an appointment may be requested in our weight loss medication clinic. Individual screening is required and certain criteria must be met. Regular follow-up visits with our MOVE! providers are required to keep the prescription current.

Bariatric Surgery: 

Weight loss surgery is for some Veterans who remain severely obese after attempting other weight loss methods or have an obesity-related disease. Interested candidates must complete required MOVE! education and meet initial eligibility criteria to pursue a bariatric surgery evaluation. Completion of the TVHS MOVE! Bariatric Pre-Screening program is a prerequisite for submitting a Community Care Bariatric surgery consult.

The first step in the bariatric process is attendance of the MOVE! Bariatric seminar which is held monthly. Veterans may call to schedule. A consult is not required. Upon successful completion of the TVHS MOVE! Bariatric pre-screening program, a summary note will be submitted to the ordering physician with any further recommendations.