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Pharmacy PGY2 Ambulatory Care Program

The TVHS ambulatory care pharmacy residency is a second-year specialty residency designed to develop a clinical specialist with expertise in ambulatory care.

Accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists 

Program Description and Objective

The TVHS ambulatory care pharmacy residency is a second-year specialty residency designed to develop the PGY2 pharmacy resident as a clinical specialist with expertise in ambulatory care. The residency program includes training on providing comprehensive medication management for patients in a variety of pharmacist-managed and interdisciplinary clinic settings within VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System. Core clinic experiences include month-long rotations in Primary Care Pharmacotherapy Clinic (PACT), Outpatient Anticoagulation, Outpatient Chronic Pain Management, Outpatient Mental Health, Women's Health, and Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Administration. Elective experiences include, but are not limited to, Outpatient Cardiology, Preventive Medicine, Stem Cell Transplant, Oncology, Substance Use Disorder, Outpatient Geriatrics, Home-Based Primary Care, and numerous other potential electives opportunities. Longitudinally, residents will be required to manage a primary care pharmacotherapy clinic one day per week throughout the PGY2 year. They will also be required to create, develop, and manage  a second longitudinal clinic based on an identified need of our facility/pharmacy service and area of resident’s professional interest. The goal for the second clinic is to focus on creation and development in the first quarter of the PGY2 residency year and then progress to management of this clinic over the remaining months. The residency also promotes development and refinement of skills necessary for teaching and training through completion of teaching and learning certificate program, unless already obtained during PGY-1 residency, precepting pharmacy students and PGY1 residents throughout the PGY2 training year, and presenting journal club or CE presentation to VA TVHS pharmacy service or through national program. Management and administration skills are developed through completion of a resident research project, contributing to development of new clinics or programs, and completion of longitudinal ambulatory care pharmacy administration tasks assigned throughout the PGY2 year. By completing this comprehensive advanced training program, the resident is equipped with excellent leadership and practice skills and prepared to practice as a proficient, well-rounded clinical pharmacy specialist in an ambulatory care setting.


  • A competitive stipend of $50,679.
  • 11 federal holidays per year.
  • Vacation days and sick leave are both accrued at a rate of 4 hours every two weeks.
  • Health insurance.
  • Dental/Vision insurance.
  • Residents will be permitted to attend at least one clinical meeting during the academic year. This may include ASHP Midyear or the ACCP fall/spring meetings. Attendance to the ACCP annual meeting is highly encouraged. Residents are required to present PGY2 research to regional or national group as approved by PGY2 Residency Advisory Committee. Travel funds are available to offset some of the expenses for these educational meetings.
  • No night/holiday staffing.
  • Dual appointment opportunity: Residents are offered, but not required, to participate in dual appointment which allows for the pharmacy resident to work 4-hour shifts as a clinical pharmacist in the central pharmacy for GS-12 pharmacist pay. Typical duty hours include evening shifts during the week and weekends but are subject to change based on the needs of the service. During this time, the resident works as a clinical pharmacist and income earned is outside of the salaried residency stipend. As this work is compensated outside of the residency stipend, the resident is expected to complete the duties of a clinical pharmacist working in the central pharmacy and not utilize this time for work related to other residency responsibilities. Residents are typically approved for dual appointment and begin having the ability to acquire shifts in September, but actual date may vary. As a reminder, residents must remain within the requirements of ASHP duty hours.

Rotations and Experiences

Core Experiences

The program is a twelve-month, post-graduate training experience composed of month-long core rotations in:

  • Primary Care Pharmacotherapy Clinic (PACT)
  • Outpatient Anticoagulation
  • Outpatient Chronic Pain Management
  • Women's Health
  • Outpatient Mental Health
  • Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Administration

Longitudinal Experiences

The longitudinal core experiences occur throughout the PGY2 year and are comprised of:

  • Resident Longitudinal Primary Care Pharmacotherapy Clinic (occurs 1 day per week)
  • Resident Longitudinal Clinic Development (2nd clinic created, developed, implemented, and managed by each Ambulator Care PGY2 resident based on needs of facility/pharmacy service and resident’s professional interest area – typically occurs 1 day every other week)
  • Research Project Management
  • Longitudinal Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Administration 
  • Academia - Teaching Certificate Program (if not completed as PGY1)

 A concentrated experience will include development and completion of a Journal Club or CE presentation to VA TVHS pharmacy service or through national program

Elective Experiences

With VA TVHS having such a large clinical pharmacy program including 75 clinical pharmacy practitioners, residents are able to individualize their PGY2 year through choosing elective experiences focused on their area of interest at the discretion of the Residency Program Director and the PGY2 Residency Advisory Committee

  • Some elective experiences include:
    • Emergency Medicine
    • Outpatient Cardiology
    • Outpatient Geriatrics
    • Stem Cell Transplant
    • Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program
    • Non-VA Family Medicine Clinic (through academic affiliation agreement with St Thomas Rutherford’s St Louise Clinic and precepted by Jonathan Hughes, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP
    • Preventive Medicine
    • Substance Use Disorder
    • Home-Based Primary Care

How to Apply

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Culturally and socially responsive practice is integral to the mission of our residency program at TVHS. We recognize the importance of acknowledging and supporting individual differences in our residents, and within relationships between our residents, staff, and patients. We work to identify, respect, and nurture the unique personal attributes that an individual brings to each relationship, and believe that fostering a culturally rich and diverse training environment is foundational to a strong residency program, and to nurturing pharmacists capable of providing culturally sensitive, socially responsive, and patient-centered care. To that end, we promote an awareness of, and sensitivity to, individual cultural diversity identities across multiple settings during the residency through discussions during supervision, practice, seminars, and workshops.

Application requirements

Applicants must be a U.S. citizen who has completed a Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum from an accredited school of pharmacy and has completed, or in the process of completing, an ASHP-accredited or pending accreditation PGY1 pharmacy residency program.

All applicants must participate in the ASHP Residency Matching Process.

Application Materials Required

  • Letter of intent
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Official college of pharmacy transcript
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation using standard template in PhORCAS 

Application Deadline

All application materials are due no later than January 6th. Qualified applicants will be notified of a formal interview date no later than February 15th. Please use Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application Service, PhORCAS, to apply at

Program Number: 648465


PGY2 Residency Program Director: Rebecca J. Cripps, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCACP at

Current PGY2 Residents:  Lauren Blumenfeld - and Rebekah Wooten -