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Women Veterans Health Care

VA Texas Valley Coastal Bend Health Care System supports the health, welfare, and dignity of female Veterans and their families by ensuring equal access to timely, sensitive, and quality care. Designated women’s health providers assist with general health, mental health and special programs. For more information, call us at 1-855-864-0516 to connect with a Women Veterans Program Manager.

Our Women Veterans Health Program Manager advises and advocates for women Veterans. She can help coordinate all the services you may need, from primary care to specialized care for chronic conditions or reproductive health. VA health care for women Veterans includes:

General health: Primary care; wellness and healthy living; gender specific cancer screenings (breast, cervical and rectal); birth control; fertility services; limited infertility evaluation and treatment; management of chronic medical conditions; maternity care with case management; menopause evaluation and treatment; nutrition and weight management; osteoporosis screening and treatment; stop smoking program; treatment for HIV/STDs; tubal ligations.

Women’s Mental Health: Gender-informed counseling and treatment for mental wellness and coping with: MST; life transitions; pregnancy, postpartum, or preparing for pregnancy; the menopausal transition; impact of medical conditions; relationships, parenting, or caregiving; or other matters of importance to Women.

Special programs: vocational rehabilitation; links to job and career counseling; services for homeless Veterans; MOVE! program - managing obesity in Veterans everywhere.

Connect with a Womens Health  Program Manager


Dr. Ojiugo M. Iko, Women's Health Medical Director, VCB

Iko Ojiugo MD, Internal Medicine

Women's Health Medical Director

VA Texas Valley health care


Lorrie L. Cuartas, Women Veterans Program Manager

Lorrie Cuartas MPH, MSN, WHNP, FNP-BC

Women's Health Program Manager

VA Texas Valley health care


Franki Loya, RN Women's Health Coordinator

Franki Loya RN

Women's Health Care Coordinator/ Maternity Care Coordinator

VA Texas Valley health care



Care we provide at VA Texas Valley health care

Our women's health program offers women Veterans comprehensive care, including: 

  • Primary care
  • Gynecology
  • Maternity care, childbirth education classes, and postpartum support
  • Ultrasounds and mammograms
  • Mental health care and counseling
  • Lifestyle wellness services