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Caregiver Support Program

VA Tomah Health Care offers a number of services to support you and the Veteran you care for. Connect with the Caregiver Support Program (CSP) Team to help find what you need, learn about the services we offer, navigate VA and community resources.

Connect with the Caregiver Support Program Team

VA Tomah Health Care: Caregiver Support Program Team
Phone: ension 64441

Learn more about the VA Caregiver Support Program at:

Care we provide at Tomah VA Health Care:

If you are a caregiver for a veteran, you can get support by contacting the VA Tomah Caregiver Support Team who can assist with:

  • Educating about the Caregiver Support Program services and program eligibility
  • Navigating barriers to accessing care
  • Provide information on referrals to local services and enrollment in CSP
  • Provide supportive counseling

VA Caregiver Support Line

The Caregiver Support Line is available if you need support outside of the Tomah region. If you have questions about caregiver support service nationwide.

Caregiver Support Line Expanded Hours:
-Monday-Friday: 0800am – 1000pm ET
-Saturday: 0800am – 500pm ET

Phone: 855-260-3274

For the main office line please call or