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Veterans Could Get Second Look on Neurology C&P Exams


April 21, 2023

TOMAH , WI — Tomah VA Medical Center is reaching out to Veterans after an initial review of Neurology Compensation and Pension (C&P) examinations conducted by a Tomah VA provider determined some of those examinations were considered incomplete.

VA is reviewing all available options, to include exploring potential re-examinations where appropriate, and urges any affected Veteran to contact VA. 

In addition to direct calls, Tomah VA has established a dedicated phone line for Veterans who received a Neurology C&P examination from Dr. Mary Jo Lanska at the Tomah VA. To voice concerns and be considered for a reexamination, Veterans are encouraged to please call 608-372-3971, ext. 64775.

County Veterans Service Officers (CVSOs) raised concerns about Neurology C&P examinations in 2018, and reviews conducted on those cases at that time did not identify any concerns. However, additional reviews are still underway to determine any plausible concerns with those examinations.

Compensation and Pension examinations are administrative (not clinical) examinations during which the examiner reviews documented evidence, including the Veteran’s provided account and description, and when requested makes an opinion on whether current medical issues are related to events or injuries during military service. Information is then provided to the Veterans Benefits Administration for review and potential assignment of a disability rating.

All VA providers undergo regular performance and quality-of-care reviews to ensure provision of care meets VA standards. The Tomah VA takes seriously all concerns brought forward by Veterans, family members, and stakeholders. We encourage Veterans who have concerns about their treatment or care, to call the Patient Advocate line at 608-372-3971.

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