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A New Way to Check-In for Appointments

Patient Check-In Poster

VA is modernizing how Veterans check-in for appointments. Our new pre-check-in and mobile check-in options will save Veterans time.

Our new pre-check-in and mobile check-in options will save Veterans time by allowing them to easily confirm their demographic information (contact, next of kin, and emergency contact) ahead of their appointment and to skip check-in lines on the day of their appointment. The process is simple and efficient. 

Go Live start date for Patient Self Check-In is Tuesday, July 5, 2022. With the new process, VETLink and KIOSK check-ins will not be used concurrently for the check-in process. However, KIOSKS will remain in place until the end of September to allow Veterans to continue to claim their travel reimbursement.

Pre-check-in from anywhere! After confirming your text appointment reminder, you may receive a link for pre-check-in. Pre-check-in allows you to review your contact information, emergency contact and next-of-kin up to seven days before your appointment. Use pre-check-in for more privacy and to save time at the medical center. Then, go to your provider's waiting area.

Use mobile check-in on the day of your appointment to avoid potential lines at the check-in desk. Mobile check-in is fast and easy. Check in for your appointment right from your smartphone. Scan the QR code or text “check in” to the phone number provided on the mobile check-in poster in the check-in area. No internet connection? Our staff are honored to check you in for your appointment and to answer any questions. Check-in is the same whether you complete the process with mobile check-in or a staff member.

After you’ve finished mobile check-in, you’re all set. Have a seat and a VA staff member will come get you.

Please see the Patent Resources page for more information.

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