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Letters from Veterans and Families

Thank you letters from Veterans and Families

Veterans and their family members often send numerous letters of praise and gratitude to the Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center. These letters serve as a true testament to the compassionate care provided daily by the medical center's hard working staff to our nation's heroes.

 Here are a few letters and comments that we would like to share:

Dear Mr. Merkle,

I wrote you once before about Dr. Strong.  This note is about Mark Mordecai in your P.T. Department.  I have had a complete shoulder reversal replacement.  My physician sent me to a private P.T. company, and I asked to be transferred to the VA.  Mr. Mordecai is and exceptional therapist, knowledgeable and very helpful, and always encouraging.  The entire department is friendly, smiling and speaks to everyone.  You are fortunate to have a P.T. Department like this and Mr. Mordecai is exceptional.  

Letter from Veteran ~ June 12th 2024

John Merkle, 

I just completed my annual VA physical with Team 10, and there aren't enough kind words for their professionalism and expertise.  Ms. Smith's team is a class act and one that I am sure that you are extremely proud of.

Letter from Veteran ~ January 26th 2024

Dear Mr. Merkle, 
My husband has been a patient at Tuscaloosa VA for 24 years. We live in Mississippi and have quite a drive but we love Tuscaloosa VA. 
I would like to bring attention to your Community Care Department. You have an employee, Susie Johnson, that is excellent. I wrote you a letter on 12/02/19 explaining how she helped us when we switched to the Mission program. I having been dealing with Susie for five years now. Tuscaloosa VA is very fortunite to have such a good employee. 
Susie is so kind spoken and and helpful and that means so much to an elderly person when they are in need of help. 

Letter from Veteran spouse ~ January 17th 2024

Past letters

To the Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center Director, 

     Sir, This was my first visit to the VA I tried to get enrolled sine 2003 until now. I would write to Jackson, MS, they would send me paper work.  But I was always turned down because of my income.  I decided to apply because my income recently changed. I went mostly to get enrolled in VA,  they gave me a full exam, bIood work, EKG, I was treated very well.  Every one was very nice to me and showed me respect.  Now I have a follow appointment with a Dr. soon.  

Letter from Veteran ~ June 9th, 2023

To:  L Robinson

I would like to commend the following staff that showed great integrity and compassion towards all Veterans. They set the example of the ICARE motto of the VA.  The names are as follows:

Connie, Kim Moore, Burt Armstrong, 
Priscilla, Cathy, Dondrea, Marilyn, Craig, 
Rochelle, Charlotte, AG, Freddie, Naomi
and LeShetta

Letter from Veteran ~ May 18th, 2023

To the Director of the Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center,

I'm writing this statement concerning Mrs. Bragg's performance in the Nail Clinic.  She was friendly, caring, and very professional while performing her job in the clinic.  We as Veterans really appreciate the type of care and behavior displayed by our VA Healthcare workers.  Please let Mrs. Bragg's know how much the Veterans and myself appreciate her.  Thank you very much.

Letter from Combat Veteran ~ December 21st, 2022

Dear Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center,

I would be forever in your debt, if you could reward my social worker, Mrs. Mitchell, for going above and beyond her duty to keep her patients safe, healthy, and well taken care of.  She even came and got me from where I was staying ,during her lunch break, where I was in a hostile situation and got me placed in the Salvation Army.  She actually cares about her Veterans and would do most anything for them.

Letter from Veteran ~ November 29th, 2022 

To the Tuscaloosa VA:

Dear Mrs. Nicholson, 
I hope this letter find you in good Health, Faith and Spirit. 
Thank you for the time, and expertise you have given me while my stay here at the Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center. I know you work as a Case Managers, however, you are more like a "Life Coach" to me. Because of your enthusiasm, dedication and coaching me along the way I were able to complete this program. 
There have been some difficulties time along the way, but you were there to 
help me work things out. You help me to find my "WHY" for being in the program. 
I have had many deaths in the past 2 years, as well as family issues, but you encourage me to hang on in here. Words really can't explain the emotions I am feeling right now. 
I know with the help of God and your prayers I will be able to take my rightful place BACK into world. 

Again thank you for a job well done.

Letter from Veteran, U.S. Army

November 9th, 2022