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Letters from Veterans and Families

Thank you letters from Veterans and Families

Veterans and their family members often send numerous letters of praise and gratitude to the Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center. These letters serve as a true testament to the compassionate care provided daily by the medical center's hard working staff to our nation's heroes.

 Here are a few letters and comments that we would like to share:

To the Tuscaloosa VA,

Dear Mrs. Nicholson, 
I hope this letter find you in good Health, Faith and Spirit. 
Thank you for the time, and expertise you have given me while my stay here at the Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center. I know you work as a Case Managers, however, you are more like a "Life Coach" to me. Because of your enthusiasm, dedication and coaching me along the way I were able to complete this program. 
There have been some difficulties time along the way, but you were there to 
help me work things out. You help me to find my "WHY" for being in the program. 
I have had many deaths in the past 2 years, as well as family issues, but you encourage me to hang on in here. Words really can't explain the emotions I am feeling right now. 
I know with the help of God and your prayers I will be able to take my rightful place BACK into world. 

Again thank you for a job well done.

Letter from Veteran, U.S. Army

November 9th, 2022





To the Director of the Tuscaloosa VA,

On behalf of my older Sister and myself, I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You and your Staff for the "Outstanding Care and Compassion" that was provided to our brother during his residency at your facility from June 2018 until his death January of this year.

Our Brother was a Vietnam Veteran who was not the same person when he came home in 1965. He never married and lived with our parents until they both passed away (Mother 1984 and Father 1999). After 1999, he lived alone in our old home place and the older he became, more of the Mental and Medical issues he was going through became more apparent to us. Family members would check on him regularly, but in 2015 my Sister and I both recognized that he needed more supervised care with his medications and overall well being.

We placed him in 2 different local nursing homes and found that the Staff(s) were not capable and/or did not have the needed training in caring for him with his PTSD and aging issues.

It was truly a blessing when the VA Director at Dorn coordinated the placement of our brother in your facility. We were both concerned about the distance that he was being sent from us, but for him and our family, it was the best course of action that could have been taken.

We made several visits to see him and also made regular telephone calls. We were always impressed with the Facilities and the Care and Concern exhibited by the Medical and Support Staff at both Patriots Point and the Azalea House. Also, I must give a big THANK YOU to your Social Work POC, Ms. Renea Motte. For us, the in-processing went smoothly when he was first sent to your facility because Renea kept me informed before he arrived until the process was complete. Afterwards and throughout his residency there, she was my POC if I needed any information or guidance involving the paperwork process or Who to Contact! She was always professional, helpful, efficient, and prompt in providing expert assistance.

It is hard for me to remember all of the personnel by name who cared for and had to often-times put up with, " some of his inappropriate speech and actions". In discussions with Staff Members, we tried to always thank them for their patience and understanding! We can assure all of you that the actions on his part did not reflect any of his True Characteristics and Life Traits!

Our hopes and prayers would be that there were more "Outstanding Facilities" like yours across the country to help other Veterans with similar issues like our Brother. This could also allow family members a better opportunity to visit their LOVED ONE, within a reasonable traveling distance.

Again, THANK YOU and YOUR STAFF for all that you did for our Brother and Veteran!

Letter from Veteran's Brother, CWO-5, U.S. Army, Retired


Dear Mr. Merkle,              

I have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and have been on a waiting list to obtain a CPAP machine for quite some time due to an international shortage.  Knowing of this shortage, I was able to obtain a CPAP machine from the wife of a friend who recently passed away. I knew nothing about this machine so thought of taking it to the Respiratory Therapy Dept at the Tuscaloosa VA to see if using this would be an option.

I presented as a walk-in on Feb. 10th and was met by Mr. Scott Parson.  I explained how I came to acquire the machine and asked if he could look at it.  He stopped what he was doing and took time to examine the machine and informed me that it was relatively new and in good working condition.  He went on to explain the operation of the unit, how to adjust the settings, change the filters and how to clean it.    Next, he fitted me for a new face mask and sent an order to prosthetics for what I needed, to get the machine operational.

This is beyond what I expected.  I just wanted to let you know that I consider this to be excellent customer service.  I could not have asked for better care.

Thank you Scott Parson and thank you Tuscaloosa VA.

Letter from Veteran - Feb 14th, 2022


To the Director of the Tuscaloosa VA,

I'm a patient in the MHRRTP here at the Tuscaloosa VA and I am writing you for reasons I hope will become clear by the end of this letter. It is important that you know from the start, this is not my first attempt at recovery, treatment and rehabilitation. For many years I have struggled with addiction, PTSD, grief, anger management, low self-esteem, depression and thoughts of suicide. For a long time I have had the belief that the services provided by the VA are sub-standard and below the level of care found in community based programs outside the VA system. I have heard veterans openly complain about the lack of treatment they receive while here at the VA, I too am guilty of complaining and at times blaming the VA for not receiving the help I needed, UNTIL NOW, It is important to me that you know how excellent the care I have received has been. The caring, honest, professional and individualized treatment I have received from my treatment team has and is preparing me for what I believe to be a bright and successful future, free from addiction, and has given me the tools to deal with my depression and PTSD. I believe the level of care and treatment I have received here at the Tuscaloosa VA, should be the standard by which all VA's nationwide are measured. Far too many times the employees at the VA are given a bad rap on TV and news programs across the country. Suicide rates among veterans is the highest among any group in our country, but the treatment here at the Tuscaloosa VA and especially by my care team work hard to ensure that the veterans they serve are getting the care they need. It is my sincere hope that you would personally recognize my treatment team case manager Monica McGee has done an outstanding job, helping me realize my potential my therapist Dr. Davis was instrumental In helping me understand that we do recover and gave me the tools I need to deal with my PTSD. The entire team from nurses to nurse techs and housekeepers. Everyone here has been so encouraging and helpful. There's a saying among employees working in residential programs, that the work they do, if it was to save but one life, would have been worth it all. the following individuals, and I know I can't list them all played a part in saving my life Ms. Monica McGee case manager, Dr. Davis my therapist and instructor, Ms. Tennille Robinson the nurse manager, my nurse practitioner Ms. Holly, the nurses on my unit Brian, Monica, Jan, the nurse techs, Miss Janice, Kim, Craig, AG, Scott, my leisure therapist Miss Goins, peer support specialist Danny Wideman and Ms. Uta who worked hard scheduling my intake and coordinating transportation to get me here. I know I won't be able to thank everyone that's why I am asking you to acknowledge the work done by this staff and appreciation for the work done to help save my life.

Veteran letter to the Director - Jan 5th, 2022


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