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COVID-19 vaccinations

Washington DC VA Medical Center now offers Moderna bivalent COVID-19 vaccinations to Veterans.

The Washington DC VA Medical Center now offers Moderna bivalent COVID-19 vaccinations by appointment only to Veterans who:

  • have never received a COVID-19 vaccination
  • received a complete series of the monovalent COVID-19 vaccination series (Pfizer, Moderna) and would like their first bivalent booster
  • are older than 65 or are immunocompromised, and who had their first bivalent booster more than 4 months ago

To schedule a COVID-19 vaccination appointment at the Washington DC VA Medical Center, call 202-745-8000 and select option 2. COVID-19 vaccinations are not available at VA community-based outpatient clinics at this time.  

Please Note: We are transitioning from offering the Pfizer vaccine to the Moderna vaccine. We will continue to provide Pfizer vaccines until our supplies run out, which is projected to happen between June 19 and June 23. The FDA has authorized both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for use and has found both to be interchangeable. This means that regardless of which vaccine or booster you received initially, it is safe and effective to receive the Moderna vaccine next. Click here to read about the CDC guidance on interchanging COVID-19 vaccines. 

If you previously received the Pfizer vaccine and would prefer to continue with Pfizer, use the VA Locator tool to identify a VA-network provider in your community who provides the Pfizer vaccine. For the latest VA vaccine updates and answers to commonly asked questions, click here.