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Celebrating Women Who Advocate for Equity

Women's History Month spotlight on Wanda Rumph
Women's History Month spotlight Wanda Rumph

I am Wanda Rumph, Enrollment Coordinator with the Business Office, Eligibility Team. Over my 36-year career serving Veterans, I have witnessed the Washington DC VA Medical Center enrollment numbers increase, especially among women Veterans.

I have also witnessed eligibility regulations broaden, allowing for more Veterans to receive VA health care and services. Over the years I have seen technology improve, moving from In-person meetings and fax copies to telephone and digital enrollment opportunities and improvements in customer service.

One of the main systems or processes that have improved to make services and access to VA care easier is the Online Registration System, which gives Veterans access from their homes or their choice of comfortable space. The phone-in registration is another system that is beneficial to Veterans because it offers person-to-person assistance to those who need this kind of help. 

It is my responsibility to engage with all Veterans and help them to make the transition back to civilian life. I am committed to providing all Veterans quality service because I am honored to demonstrate my appreciation for Veterans who have served in any branch of service. I appreciate their sacrifice. 

To register online, visit:
Phone-in registration, dial: 877-222-8387 

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