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Celebrating Women Who Advocate for Equity

March 2023 Women's History Month: Celebrating Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Amy Brown, Chief Experience Officer, DC VAMC

I am Amy Brown, Chief Experience Officer, with the Washington DC VA Medical Center. Veteran patients, caregivers, employees, and community partners are all customers of our comprehensive healthcare system, and it is imperative that we create positive experiences for all through service excellence.

The overall VA healthcare experience includes clinical care and nonclinical aspects, encompassing a diverse team of clinical and nonclinical professionals who are committed to providing safe, quality care to Veterans.

I have served the VA mission for over 16 years, and I continue to advocate for equitable health care for all who served. With Veterans seeing expanded eligibility for VA health care, enrollment is steadily on the rise in the DC-area.

More Veterans are using virtual care which increases access for all Veterans, including those in rural areas or experiencing mobility challenges. Virtual care through VA video-connect or telehealth allows Veterans to conveniently receive quality care from the comfort of their homes or communities.

 Every Veteran who has served deserves equitable VA health care and personalized service in an environment which promotes healing.

I will continue to advocate for inclusive, equitable health care for Veterans and for a diverse workplace where skilled professionals are empowered to improve health outcomes. Diversity strengthens organizations, allowing us to bring our unique experiences together. 

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