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Flu Shots Available at Washington DC VA Medical Center

Flu shots

Washington DC VA Medical Center Offers Veterans Two Ways To Get Flu Vaccine.

Flu Vaccines Available At Washington DC VA Medical Center

Veterans can receive a flu vaccine from their primary care provider at the main medical center or any VA Community-Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC).

No-Cost Flu Vaccines Available Through Community Care

Eligible Veterans may now opt to receive a no-cost flu vaccine from an In-Network VA Community Provider until April 30, 2022. Many urgent care locations offering walk in care, retail pharmacies, including those found in supermarkets, and local pharmacies offer no-cost flu vaccines to Veterans.

To locate a VA medical facility, in-network urgent care or retail pharmacy near you, use the VA Locator, here’s how:

  • Enter the city, state, or postal zip code for your location.
  • Choose a "Facility Type" from the drop-down menu
    • Select "VA Health" for VA medical center locations
    • Select "Urgent Care", for all in-network urgent care 
    • Select "Community Pharmacies" for in-network pharmacies
  • Click search
  • Choose a provider

Once you have chosen a provider, complete these steps before you go:

  • Call to ensure the urgent care provider or retail pharmacy offers the no-cost flu shot benefit and the vaccine type you are seeking (some flu vaccines are for people aged 65 and older)
  • Bring this billing information flyer with you (print it or take a screenshot on your phone)

When you arrive:

  • Tell the provider you are a Veteran enrolled in VA health care
  • Tell them you would like to receive a flu shot paid for by VA
  • Show your government-issued ID and this billing information flyer (Print, take a screenshot or pull up this page at time of vaccine)

Make sure you receive your flu shot from an in-network VA provider to avoid costs. For assistance with in-network community flu shots, call 877-881-7618 or your local VA medical facility.


Who is eligible?

You are eligible to receive a flu shot at an in-network retail pharmacy or urgent care location if:

  • You are enrolled in the VA health care system, AND
  • You received care from a VA provider or an in-network community care provider within the past 24 months

Confirm your eligibility by calling your local VA facility, or by following these steps:

  1. Call 800-MyVA411 (800-698-2411)
  2. Select option 1 (urgent care information)
  3. Select option 3 (urgent care information)
  4. Select option 1 (check urgent care eligibility)

NOTE: Family members and beneficiaries are not eligible.

The community provider will send your flu shot vaccination documentation to VA. VA will update your medical record. You can also request a copy of your flu shot documentation and provide it to your VA provider.


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