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Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT)

PACT is the cornerstone of the New Models of Care initiative that is intended to transform the way Veterans receive care. PACT assists VHA in transforming Veterans' care by providing patient-driven, proactive, personalized, team-based care focused on wellness and disease prevention resulting in improvements in Veteran satisfaction, improved healthcare outcomes, and costs. The PACT model is built on the well-known concept of the patient-centered medical home staffed by high-functioning teams.

Team # Provider Nurse(s) Clerk 1 Dr. Malik Barbara Beshere, LPN
Faina Anchipolovsky, RN
2 Dr. Snyder Vida St Louis, RN
Diana Fontenelle
4 Dr. Johnson Carol Sharpe, RN
Shazeela Johnson LPN
Lee Dobbs
5 Dr. Stewart Julie Varghese, RN
Lavette Bake, LPN
6 Dr. Asrani Roger Ake, RN
Donya Quesada, LPN
Margaret Collins
8 Dr. Khamar Ana Pinto Melendez, RN
Stephanie Duncan, LPN
11 Dr. King Alton Durrant, RN
Cesar Bautista, LPN
13 Dr. Valencia Pamela Wong, RN
Diane Niemi LPN
14 Dr. Devarajen Miriam Cunanan, RN
Miguel Gonzales, LPN
16 Dr. Bhata Jennifer Egan-Reyes, RN
Christina Bunch LPN
17 Geri- Nair, NP Jincy Jobish, RN
Tramaine Cameron, LPN
Samantha Pye
18 Dr. Murphy Joan Segovia, RN
Rebecca Stewart, LPN
Samora James
20 Dr. Karatela Yvonne Perkins, RN
Rosenel Fils-Aime, LPN
21 Dr. Mufti Yolanda Silva, LPN Victor McKinnis 22 Dr. Popovici Claire Needham, RN
Rosezell Wright-Mortin, LPN
23 Dr. M. Ravella Jessy Thomas, RN
Meshema Beswick, LPN
Suzanne Mitchell
24 Dr. S. Ravella Javier Salgado Melendez, RN
Miriam Lopez, LPN
Jeanne Carroll
25 Dr. Rubin Carol Sharpe, RN
Shazzeela Johnson, LPN
26 Dr. Shah Stephen Gooden, LPN Kimberly Quallo 27 Dr. Kadam Arnold Lagoc, RN
Jacqueline Stephens, LPN
Luis Saravia
WH 3 Dr. Fierro Michele McKenzie, RN
Donna Bartley, LPN
Joy Davis-Davison
WH5/EH29 Dr. Genel Marsha Eloi, RN
Sasha Smith, LPN
Vivian Dixon
WH1 Dr. Shillingford Barbara Alexandre, RN
Sergine Ducasse, LPN
Quintrillria Jackson
WH2 Dr. Mabuti Melissa Ragoo, RN
Raquel Pardron, LPN
Quintrillria Jackson
PD1 & 7 Dr. Williams Peaches Clarke, RN
Lekela Glee, LPN
Charles Watson
PD2 Dr. Gustave Peaches Clarke, RN
Lekela Glee, LPN
Charles Watson
PD3 & 12 Dr. Anthony Beth Wiles, RN
Edwin Lopez Segui, LPN
Stacy Soriano

If you need to speak to a member of your Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) member or interdisciplinary team mem (Social Work services, PC Behavioral Health, Pharmacy, or Nutrition ) call 561-422-1297 or 561-422-1298