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Strategic Plan

The West Palm Beach VA Medical Center Strategic Plan provides an opportunity to evaluate our progress, assess our strengths and determine opportunities to enhance the services we deliver. With over 20 years of experience caring for Veterans in the West Palm Beach area, we have gained a considerable understanding of the needs of our Veterans, their caregivers, and the healthcare environment. This information serves as the foundation of our strategic plan and approach taken to guide the future of the facility.

Strategic Priority 1


Provide excellence in care throughout the continuum of the Veteran’s life by providing unparalleled access to high quality care and services when needed and where needed in a patient and family centered environment.

  • Increase ICU Complexity to provide additional surgical services to meet the needs of our Veterans Become leaders in customer service by instilling Veteran experience as a foundational service and expectation for all staff
  • Expand areas of service to be more convenient for our Veterans and their families Provide consistency and high reliability in the quality of care provided


Strategic Priority 2


Through development and maturation of a research program, cultivate academic partnerships to grow residencies in our core foundational areas and support succession planning.

  • Expand existing partnerships with academic affiliates to foster learning
  • Establish a research program to support advances in healthcare


Strategic Priority 3


Become a center of excellence in care coordination, linking VA system and community care to simplify processes and eliminate safety risks and delays by establishing strong, reliant partnerships with high-performing medical centers in the community to provide the highest quality health care for Veterans.

  • Develop standardization and timely exchange of information with community partners to prevent delays in care
  • Launch Clinical Navigators to serve as liaisons and advocates for smooth transitions in care for Veterans and their families
  • Streamline processes for Veterans and their families to prevent and mitigate unnecessary concern when care is provided in the community


Strategic Priority 4


As a highly reliable healthcare organization, focus on the specific needs of our Veteran population and provide excellence in gender-specific care; care for the aging Veteran population; and care for those who are high risk.

  • Through activation of a 60-bed domiciliary, provide services for those who battle social and addictive challenges
  • Establish a center for healthy aging, aimed to provide evaluation, screening and resources for our Veterans and their families
  • Foster distinct VA programs designed to promote independence and provide exceptional care including Blind Rehabilitation, Home Based Primary Care, Mental Health Intensive Case Management and Medical Foster Home Programs


Strategic Priority 5


Advance our healthcare delivery system through innovation and adoption of technology to meet the needs and expectations of every generation of Veteran.

  • Adopt available technology to simplify experiences for Veterans
  • Serve as early adopters and pilot site for potential technological solutions that improve the delivery of care


Strategic Priority 6


Be recognized and perceived as a best place to work by investing in staff skill-building, establishing a robust program for recognition of staff excellence and delivery of excellent health care achieved by recruiting and retaining high caliber staff.

  • Institute key programs that boost employee morale and cultivate employee wellness
  • Recruit and retain high caliber staff to provide excellent care for Veterans
  • Promote professional growth and skill building to assemble a robust team of highly qualified staff to exceed the expectations of our Veterans