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Strategic Plan

The West Palm Beach VA Medical Center Strategic Plan provides an opportunity to evaluate our progress, assess our strengths and determine opportunities to enhance the services we deliver. With over 20 years of experience caring for Veterans in the West Palm Beach area, we have gained a considerable understanding of the needs of our Veterans, their caregivers, and the healthcare environment. This information serves as the foundation of our strategic plan and approach taken to guide the future of the facility.

Strategic Priority 1

ACCESS-Delivering unparalleled care

What We Will Do: Provide access to high quality care and services when needed and where needed.

How We Will Do It:
Focus on ease of access and convenience:

  • Offer same-day services across the healthcare system.
  • Activate key state-of-the-art programs to   include expansion of robotic surgery initiatives in orthopedics and dental, expansion of pain services
  • Increase specialty care services in the northern and southern catchment areas.

Deliver equitable care to improve health outcomes across our entire patient population. 

  • Invest in projects to design equal access to care required to meet the unique needs of our entire Veteran population.
  • Cultivate a wellness-driven, personalized health goals to achieve an optimal state of health.
  • Grow population specific programs that distinguish VA from the community.
  • Adapt healthcare delivery and communication methods for all Veterans to receive the right care, in the right place at the right time, with a clear focus on minority Veteran populations


Strategic Priority 2

IMPACT-Reducing our carbon footprint

What Will We Do:  Devote time and resources toward building efficient processes and environmental stewardship. 

How Will We Do It:

  • Institute sustainable initiatives to reduce environmental impact and improve efficiency.
  • Advance our foundational healthcare system through preparation and planning for incorporation of a new electronic health record.
  • Advance efficiency.


Strategic Priority 3

ENGAGEMENT-Going beyond limits

What Will We Do:  Foster relationships with Veterans, Caregivers, Team Members, and Community Partners.

How We Will Do It:
​​​​​​​Make Veteran and guest experience our top priority.

  • Establish key behaviors that define our culture and aid in our ability to provide consistent extraordinary care.
  • Listen to Veterans, caregivers, and stakeholders to project and anticipate needs and deliver effective solutions to improve outcomes, access, and experiences.

Build and maintain our high caliber team by embracing inclusivity and diversity through investment in employee wellness, professional growth, and recognition.

  • Focus and maintain an inclusive environment, respective of team member diversity, respect, and civility.
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning, population-specific competency, and professional development.
  • Prioritize employee wellness via comprehensive programs to enhance the health of the entire team. 
  • Improve infrastructure to support the expansion of academic affiliations and research
  • Expand Residency Programs
  • Establish joint appointments for academic and clinic practitioners


Strategic Priority 4

DISTINCTION-Investing in the future

What Will We Do: Advance the quality of our healthcare delivery system through recognized excellence​​​​​​​

How Will We Do It:

  • Invest in programs that distinguish VA healthcare from private sector care
  • Build recognized and renowned programs that require quality excellence


Strategic Priority 5

INNOVATION-Capitalizing on expertise

​​​​​​What Will We Do: Cultivate research and innovation to provide cutting edge, evidence-based care for Veterans.

​​​​​​​How Will We Do It:

  • Continue to expand upon grant funded research to foster the growth and maturity of the research program.
  • As an Innovation Network member, leverage technology and innovation to advance our care delivery system


Strategic Priority 6


Be recognized and perceived as a best place to work by investing in staff skill-building, establishing a robust program for recognition of staff excellence and delivery of excellent health care achieved by recruiting and retaining high caliber staff.

  • Institute key programs that boost employee morale and cultivate employee wellness
  • Recruit and retain high caliber staff to provide excellent care for Veterans
  • Promote professional growth and skill building to assemble a robust team of highly qualified staff to exceed the expectations of our Veterans