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Health & Wellness Coaches

On behalf of our West Palm VA’s Health & Wellness Coaches, it’s been an honor serving our nation’s Veterans, active duty and reserves men/women. As we look optimistically to the future of coaching, we hope to provide more for our Veterans. We are implementing new ways to connect and create more awareness about the coaching process.

Health & Wellness Coaches Corner

The Health & Wellness Coaching process is a way to support Veterans Who are able to proactively create a plan to modify their lifestyle. There are so many benefits in utilizing this process. We as coaches want to make sure every Veteran is informed on how to get started. As a Coach, I understand how difficult navigating life after serving and desiring to manage your health and wellness can be.


Health & Wellness Coaches are guides who partner up with Veterans and provide support. Veterans decide their own destination & the best way to get there. So yes, our Veterans are very proactive in this process which is creative, therapeutic and thought provoking. Health & Wellness Coaches do not take the place of mental health or any other therapy , but rather partner up to support Veterans moving forward with their own Personal Health Plan.


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Coach Spotlight

Todays featured coach is Tremeaker A. Gilbert LPN, CNHP, (AKA Tree) author, Certified Mind-Body Facilitator, mother of four and GiGi to one baby girl. She’s Also a Veteran/Peer. Tremeaker served 8 years in the Army National Guard as Spec 4 91P (Xray Technician) in combat support field hospital unit. She’s been employed in nursing by the VA for 15 plus years and recently transitioned into a Health and Wellness Coach role. Her personal Whole Health or alternative health journey started after an accident in 2017,which resulted with lower extremity imbalance related to double knee injury. 

Tremeaker was not sure if in recovery she would be able to maintain employment. But she read about yoga and met Cary in Recreational Therapy Service, who was facilitating a yoga class. She started attending and was consistent. Then an opportunity to learn Tai Chi came along. Both made a huge difference. Tremeaker was able to continue working in Primary care. But, when Whole Health Care was implemented, naturally she signed up as a Coach, as well as an advocate of integrative/ holistic care benefits. 

She continued her education becoming a Board-Certified Natural Health Professional. Which she embraced as personal healing and growth. Tremeaker became an author to a self-project in which she shared her personal story and journey to healing, titled, “It Was Necessary”. So, utilizing  seven attitudes of mindfulness along with empowering personal self-care continues to be how she encourages and supports our nation’s Veterans. Coach Tree is attached to PACT Team 06, PACT  20, PACT  23, PACT  26, and GERI-PACT. Her favorite quote is, “there are no failures in life just what did you learn."

Tremeaker Gilbert

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Benefits of Coaching

This empathetic connection helps clients feel heard, acknowledged, and empowered, enabling them to navigate difficult emotions, build resilience, and find the motivation to persist in their journey

Use your coach to discuss your ideas with them in order to get another opinion and learn best health practices to improving your lifestyle choices and health. 

Our coaches are  willing to be your reliable and supportive allies in the process of transforming yourself. They hold you accountable to your stated objectives and can be depended upon to check on your progress regularly.

This coaching technique involves developing self-awareness, recognizing hidden options and potential, and working on positive changes to create lasting outcomes.

Our coaches help  people tackle difficult situations, overcome uncertainty about what to do next, and improve their general well-being by providing a listening ear, supporting them to develop coping strategies, and signposting them to other sources of support

Our coaches provide an opportunity for a client to explore their goals, ideas, opportunities, and possibilities; this process is empowered with questions asked by the coach

SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. SMART goals are goals that are clearly defined, quantifiable, realistic, aligned with the coachee's or mentee's needs and aspirations, and have a deadline.


This is a  tool available to guide one’s goal setting to clarify your ideas, focus your efforts, use your time and resources productively, and increase your chances of achieving what you want in life.

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