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Veterans Uplifting Veterans: From Unemployment to Empowerment

Dynamic duo, Stacy Jeanbart & Carlos Carrió Atfucci.
Dynamic duo, Stacy Jeanbart & Carlos Carrió Atfucci.

Across the corridors of the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center, the spirit of service resonates strongly, particularly in the story shared among Stacy Jeanbart, U.S. Navy Aircrew Veteran, and Carlos Carrió Atfucci, a U.S. Army Combat Medic Veteran.

Stacy's transition from her role in the service to a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist is a journey marked by a steadfast commitment to aiding fellow Veterans. Her expertise, combined with her personal experience, makes her an invaluable asset to Veterans like Carlos, who found himself navigating the turbulent waters of civilian life post-service.

As a single-father and a Veteran grappling with the aftermath of divorce, his challenges were not just about securing employment but also finding stability and purpose for his family.

The Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) program emerged as a crucial turning point for Carlos. Stacy's guidance in this program was instrumental, as she helped him to refine his skills and adapt military experience for federal employment, leading him to fulfilling a promising role in Prosthetics.

The partnership is a shining example of the profound commitment to empower Veterans found among employees. The bond formed between Stacy and Carlos, is rooted in shared military backgrounds and an unyielding dedication to serve. 

Carlos’ journey, from the depths of personal hardship to his role as a Prosthetics Secretary, underlines the transformative power found within VA programs and the individuals who support to make it possible. He says, “Stacy was there for me, as a friend and colleague.”

Stacy's philosophy, "We are here for you," is not just a statement, but a promise of unwavering support and solidarity for Veterans. Stacy goes even further by stating, “Whatever a fellow Veteran’s concern is, I take it upon myself to let them know, there's clearly someone who cares. In this instance, it is me.”

CWT is a testament to the enduring spirit of service and the unbreakable bonds forged in shared sacrifice. The duo is a powerful reminder that, every Veteran's success is a shared victory, a symbol of resilience, and a tribute to the unshakeable brotherhood and sisterhood formed from service.

As Stacy says, “Whether my Veteran gets a job that's $15.00 an hour or they get a job that pays $100,000 a year, I'm celebrating like I got the job too, because we’re a team.” 

The program is that soft place for Veterans to land who are finding it hard to get back on their feet. Carlos says with a deep understanding of having nowhere else to turn, “Do not be afraid to ask for help. Talk about your issues, both medical and personal, with your Primary Care provider. If I did not talk to my provider, I would not have known about the CWT program.” 

As one who understands the transition to civilian life, Stacy is that second chance for Veterans to trade in their combat boots for professional loafers. She emphasizes, “Everybody that walks into the office, I always try to explain that, yes, you are a patient but you are also family, because we are all Veterans here, and we are not going to leave you alone during a war, especially during battles that we are all too familiar with and faced.”

There is ease in seeking support, knowing the one extending a hand to help understands. 

Take the step and reach out:

Compensated Work Therapy - Veterans Health Administration (