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Red Flag Laws in Colorado

Red Flag Laws in Colorado


Sat. Apr 6, 2024, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm MT


482 28 Road

Grand Junction, CO



Misinformation about Red Flag Laws can keep Veterans from seeking mental
health services. The Department of Veterans Affairs and your local law enforcement agencies encourage Veterans to seek Mental Health help when needed.

Here are some Truths about Red Flag Laws:

  1. There is no “list” of everyone with a mental illness.
  2. If you get a mental health diagnosis, you do not lose your firearms or right to own them.
  3. Mental illness is a protected condition just like any other health information.
  4. For the Red Flag law, there needs to be a petition to the court with facts and evidence as to why an individual is a “significant” risk to themselves or others by owning or possessing their firearms.

Know your rights and get the Mental Health support you need.